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March 11, 2021

'Black-ish' Star Anthony Anderson Shares a Photo of His Mom — See Their Uncanny Resemblance

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TV star Anthony Anderson looked radiant in a recent post he shared on social media, posing with his mom and showing off their uncanny resemblance.

"Black-ish" actor Anthony Anderson warmed his Instagram timeline with a sweet mom-son photo showing his striking resemblance with the matriarch. 

The pair stood posing for the camera with similar big smiles on their faces. Anderson looked sharp in a beige colter suit while his mom, Doris Hancox, matched his elegance in a green dress. 

Anthony Anderson at the 72nd Annual Directors Guild of America Awards at The Ritz Carlton on January 25, 2020. | Photo: Getty Images


The matriarch styled her jet-black hair in a high bone with bangs fanning her temple. She sported red lipstick while completing her look with a few pieces of jewelry. Anderson penned in his caption:

"Family... If you’re like me, they are always on your mind. Are they good? Are they doing the right things? What does the future hold?..."


For a while now, Hancox and her son have kept the "To Tell the Truth" audience glued to their TVs as she plays the scorekeeper. While the show brings on celebrity panelists, Hancox seems more inclined to be a panelist because she could spot the lies.

Recently, Hancox caused quite a stir on social media after TV lovers noticed she has been missing in action.


Anderson once noted that his mom was quite good at detecting false information and liars, joking that it took one to know one. The actor shared that she was more relatable to the audience and viewers because she knew the everyday questions on their minds. 

When asked how she was able to pull off her hilarious and lie-detecting role on "To Tell the Truth," Hancox noted that she had years of being a mom to four kids to thank for honing her skills. 


The witty matriarch and her son first bagged the "To Tell the Truth" gig after their appearance on "Family Feud." Fans were fascinated by how Anderson and his mom created entertainment with her natural comic streak. The production team was also watching.

Recently, Hancox caused quite a stir on social media after TV lovers noticed she has been missing in action. The star did not appear with her son on TV for weeks, and many wondered if she had quit the show.

However, she put the speculations to rest after posting a snippet on the new "To Tell the Truth" episode she and Anderson recently shot. She also informed fans that she was back in her position as the queen of the show.