Daily Mail: William & Kate’s 10th Anniversary Video Disproves Harry's Claim Of Being Trapped in the Royal Family

Laura Beatham
Apr 30, 2021
06:10 A.M.
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Prince William and Kate Middleton's newest family video contradicts Prince Harry's claim that his older brother is trapped within the system. 


Prince William and Kate Middleton are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary this month. The couple shared a new family video to mark the occasion, which appears to have been filmed in Autumn 2020. 

In the video, the Cambridges are enjoying a day outdoors in Norfolk. First starting at the beach, running up the dunes together, chasing each other in the garden, and finally enjoying roasted marshmallows by the fire. 

Kate Middleton, Prince William and their children enjoying a day outdoors. | Photo:


The video, taken by Will War, shows a few beautiful moments between William and Kate. The couple smile and laugh together and look in love with each other and their adorable children.

The Daily Mail shared insight from a body language expert, Judi James who discussed the family and explained the Cambridges' body language from the video and what it might mean.


The expert discussed the children's personalities. James claimed that the video shows that Prince George is the more serious and grownup sibling while his younger sibling, Princess Charlotte, is the more adventurous and cheeky sibling. 

According to James, Middleton and William shared a few romantic moments in the video, as they looked relaxed and are very tactile. The moments reflect the anniversary photos that they shared earlier this week. 

This disproves Prince Harry's claims that Prince William and their father, Prince Charles, are trapped within the system.


Although William and Middleton focus on each other, the children are still front and center of the video. In one shot, the couple sits close together while they looked delightedly at Prince Louis, who is happily chatting to them. 

James stated that the family is having "uninhabited fun" together and the actions of the children and parents do not look forced, so assumably their enjoyment and playfulness is a normal occurrence of the family. 


This disproves Prince Harry's claims that Prince William and their father, Prince Charles, are trapped within the system of the Monarchy. As James said, the video "seems to fly in the face of Harry's recent claims."

During his March interview with Oprah Winfrey, Harry claimed he realized he was trapped within the family after he married Meghan Markle. He then said both his brother and father were too, and he had great compassion for them. 


A source told People that Prince William does not feel trapped by the institution and found Harry's comments to be off the mark. The source shared that William is accepting of his future role as King. 

During the interview, Prince Harry also said that his relationships with both his brother and father were not in a good place. He explained that there was distance between him and William, and he felt let down by his father.