May 01, 2021

Daily Joke: There Were Two Lovers Who Were Really into Spiritualism

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Two lovers believed in reincarnation, and they were really into spiritualism. While both of them were alive, they made a vow to each other, and the result of the vow led to a hilarious ending.

A couple was into the concept of spiritualism, and they believed so much in reincarnation. They went as far as vowing to each other that when either dies, the person alive will contact the deceased lover precisely 30 days after.

Sadly, a few weeks later, the husband was involved in a fatal car crash that took his life. Holding up her end of the bargain, the wife contacted her late husband 30 days after his death.

Married couple travelling in a car together. | Photo: Pexels


Martha called out to her husband, John, asking if he could hear her. The husband replied affirmatively. Then the woman tearfully asked her husband what it was like on his end.

John replied that there were azure skies, a soft breeze, and sunshine mostly. Martha was curious about what they did all day, and John answered her, saying they ate breakfast before sunrise, made love until noon, and then had lunch.


After lunch, they would nap until 2 pm and then make love again until 5 pm. After having dinner, they made love again until 11 pm. The routine came as a surprise to Martha, who was forced to ask if that was what heaven was truly like.

John was shocked by his lover's conclusion about his location. He corrected Martha that he wasn't in heaven. The wife then asked where he was, and John replied:

"I'm a rabbit in Arizona."


Here's another funny joke about two bachelors: Two confirmed bachelors were having a conversation across different topics, and they went from politics to cooking.

The first bachelor said he got a cookbook once, but he couldn't do anything with it. His partner asked if this was because of the fancy cooking in the book, and the first guy replied:

"You said it. Every one of the recipes began the same way - 'Take a clean dish and...'"

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