Daily Joke: A Boss Did Not Believe In His Subordinate's Popularity

Olowokandi Fiyin
May 09, 2021
01:30 A.M.
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Today’s #jokeoftheday is about a boss who refused to believe how popular his subordinate was despite undeniable evidence. It took an unbelievable event to change his mind.


Source: Amomama

A boss named Peter and his assistant Dave were having a meeting when Dave began bragging about how famous he was. He told his boss that he knew absolutely everyone there is to know.


He kept talking about his widespread popularity and urging his boss to ask him about anyone. Initially, Peter didn’t want to fall for his antics, but he soon got frustrated and asked Dave if he knew Tom Cruise.

A photo of a boss and his assistant during a meeting. | Photo: Shutterstock


Dave told his boss that he and Cruise are childhood friends, and he could prove it. He asked them to fly to Hollywood. Peter reluctantly followed along, and they arrived at Cruise’s house. The actor opened the door and shouted:

“Dave! What’s happening? Great to see you! Come on in for a beer!”


Peter was shocked but remained skeptical about his assistant. He believed it was just a simple coincidence and decided to test him further. After thinking for a while, Peter asked Dave if he knew the President.

Dave smiled and told him they were heading to Washington. Upon getting to the White House, the President saw Dave and Peter on tour and called out for the former to join him. 


The President told them that he was heading out for a meeting but changed his mind and wanted to have drinks with Dave and Peter instead. Once they were done, Peter and Dave head out to their next destination.

By this time, Peter’s mind was blown, and he felt shaken up. However, he was still not entirely convinced that Dave was as famous as he said. For his final test, he asked Dave if he knew the Pope.


With confidence, Dave says he did, and off they flew to Rome. Once they got there, they saw the mass at the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square. Dave looked around, confused about where to start from when he said:

“I can’t catch the Pope’s eye among all these people. Tell you what, I know all the guards, so let me just go upstairs, and I’ll come out on the balcony with the Pope.”


Peter didn’t think Dave could get to the Pope, but he watched as he disappeared into The Vatican. Moments later, Dave appeared on the balcony with the Pope, waving to the people.

By the time Dave returned to meet his boss, he saw the paramedics and discovered that Peter had had a heart attack. He asked Peter what happened, and the boss replied, saying, “It was the final straw.”

With a raspy breath, Peter explained his shock when he saw Dave and the Pope on the balcony. Suddenly the man standing next to him said, “Who is that on the balcony with Dave?”