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Married Boss Tries to Allure Humble Assistant, but Fate Makes Him Regret It – Story of the Day

Bettina Dizon
May 31, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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Celine was a talented and beautiful young woman who attracted many suitors, including her married boss. Here’s what happened when she refused.


Celine wasn’t your average school girl; she was a straight-A student with a stellar extracurricular activity background. It was always her dream to work at a top technological firm.

Through the years, she managed to enter several internships, which brought her a great network of connections. As she graduated college, she managed to land an executive secretary role at one of California’s major technology companies.

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Beyond her bright mind and all-around skillset, Celine was beautiful. Many of the men around her are quickly captivated and mesmerized by her. It was not until her days at the California company that she experienced something unforgettable.

Every new employee at the company is said to be given a “welcome” package as tradition. It’s a way for the firm to thank every onboarded member for choosing a path with them.

Like any new hire, Celine received a package on her desk a few weeks after her first day. However, days after receiving the package, Celine was confused about finding another one on her desk. Knowing that she had already received a welcoming package, Celine initially believed that it was a mistake.


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Seeing that the box was different, she decided to open it still. She could not believe that what was inside was an expensive smartphone with a gift card from her boss. Unsure about such a grand gesture, Celine built the courage to ask her boss about the gadget.


She highlighted that it was completely unnecessary, yet her boss insisted that it was for her. Before leaving the office, her boss invited her for dinner, stating that it was a business meet-up and that he needed her around. Celine immediately confirmed her attendance.

Celine arrived with all of her work essentials at the stated restaurant but was surprised to find her boss waiting at a table for two set-up. It was only at that moment that she had realized it was only going to be both of them.


She could not wrap her head around the fact that her boss seemingly misled her to a dinner date but did not have the confidence to storm out randomly. Celine complied and sat down as her boss was persistent about spending a few minutes. She asked why she had to be there with him.

Her boss merely smirked and gave her another package. “This should answer your question,” said her boss. Rushing to just get out of the situation, Celine took the box and said she had to go. Once she got back to her apartment, she sat down in her dining area with the package.

Curious as to what it was, she untangled the ribbons and found a lingerie set. At that very moment, it was clear to her what her boss really wanted from her. Celine felt trapped in a situation where she didn’t want to tarnish her reputation in the company but felt the need for a confrontation. She was also engaged.


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The next day, she went up to her boss and asked about the package with undergarments. Her boss dodged the question and simply went straight into giving her details into a booked hotel presidential suite.


“I know many people in the industry. If you want to make sure you have a future in your career, you best make sure to cooperate,” threatened her boss.

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Celine knew that she had to find a way to ensure her safety in the situation. Yet, she also knew that she could not let her boss know of any plans she had in mind to expose him under the act. As an executive secretary, she directly contacted every important person in her boss’s life, including his wife.

Celine composed a message for the wife, instructing her of the same hotel details in the hopes of having his wife at the scene of the supposed crime. She made sure that she arrived minutes before, enough time to confront her boss before his wife’s arrival.

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With Celine’s presence in the hotel bedroom, her boss expected that she would now be open to his desires. Celine immediately threw this off, leading to her boss’ intense physicality as he forced himself upon her. At this exact moment, the wife arrived and screamed at the sight of her husband taking advantage of someone.

With the wife’s eventual exposure of her husband’s acts, the news spread like wildfire across the industry. This brought the company into a problematic disposition, having to mitigate the ripple effects of the negative public relations of one of their executives.

Celine decided to resign from her position and take a job at one of Silicon Valley’s most promising start-ups. On this journey, she no longer just took her talents, but the lessons she previously learned, as well.


What can we learn from Celine’s story?

Don’t sell yourself to someone for a good career.

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