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'My 600-Lb Life's June McCamey Looks Stunning Now: Inside Her Completely Different Life after the Show

Gaone Pule
Jun 08, 2021
01:55 A.M.
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Former TLC star June McCamey gave her followers a glimpse of her body transformation since her stint on the reality show, and she has shed an incredible amount of weight.


“My 600-Lb Life’s” June McCamey looks stunning now as she shared how she lives an entirely different life after the hit reality show. McCamey took to her Facebook account to show off her new body after shedding the weight.

McCamey posted a series of snapshots of herself, and the first shot is a close-up selfie in the car showing her red hairdo and apparent tattoos, and a gold necklace.


The photo was followed by a snap of her posing while standing with one hand on her hip wearing a gorgeous black shiny dress paired with a matching leather jacket. McCamey had butterfly filters on her face.

She then shared a collage in a cute gray pleated mini dress which displayed her full-on cleavage. She had parts of her blonde hair tied back while she left the other part covering one side of her face.


The tight-fitted long-sleeved outfit also showed her jewelry as she wore a watch on one arm and a bracelet on another, including her gold necklace.

The last picture is a selfie of McCamey posing in front of a mirror dressed up in an olive-green dress with one hand in her pocket. McCamey’s slim figure is visible from the photo. 


When viewers met McCamey in the series, she was struggling even to move around. At the time, she was living in constant fear that her body would give up on her.

She admitted that she was not sure how much more weight she could carry. McCamey felt trapped in her own body and could not even leave her home, while then-girlfriend Sadi Gregory had to do everything for her, including bathing:

“Sadi does everything for me. To have someone bathe me is so embarrassing."


The Texas native's weight issues began with her grandmother's delectable cooking, but after getting pregnant four times and putting more weight each time, she was soon almost 600 lbs.

Her last resort was a gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Now, and she managed to shed 300 pounds by the end of her episode. Despite the challenges that she came across, she conquered and is now pushing toward a healthy lifestyle.

In a follow-up episode, she revealed that after losing her 17-year-old son Kenneth, she started seeking therapy and focusing on staying positive. In that case, she ended up getting approved for a crucial second surgery to remove excessive skin.


McCamey was featured in Season 4 of the show back in 2016 and initially weighed 590 lbs. She was forty-three years old at the time.

In 2017, she broke up with her lesbian partner, who spent years carrying for her. As she lost weight, she became more independent and even found herself a job at a law firm. McCamey found love again and married her girlfriend, Mary, in 2019.