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Daily Joke: One Old Man Had Problems with His Hearing

Junie Sihlangu
Jun 07, 2021
03:30 P.M.
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The following joke is pretty much a warning to never underestimate the elderly. Read on to find out how one elderly man outsmarted his whole family while living with hearing problems.


For years an elderly man struggled with severe hearing problems. People could literally sit and talk around him, and he would hear absolutely nothing of the conversation.

One day, he finally got tired of living in silence and decided to do something about it. He went to see his doctor and explained his problem, hoping to find a long-term solution to his problems.

An elderly man having his ears tested by a doctor | Photo: Pixabay/williamsje1


The doctor wrote a note for the elderly man explaining how he could definitely assist by fitting him with a set of hearing aids. The devices helped the patient to regain 100 percent of his hearing!

About a month later, the elderly man went back to the doctor’s offices. This time, the pair could talk to each other without the doctor needing to write notes on a writing pad for the patient to read.

A black-and-white close-up image of a shocked man covering his mouth while wearing glasses and a hat | Photo: Pixabay/Alexander Krivitskiy


The doctor tested the hearing devices and was pleased to see that they were working at their fullest potential. He smiled and sat in front of his patient before saying:

“Your hearing is perfect now!”

An old man with a sad expression on his face | Photo: Pixabay/GLady


The doctor then noted how the elderly man’s family must be thrilled that he could hear again. Surprisingly, the elderly man shook his head and revealed he hadn’t told them before explaining:

“I’ve been sitting around them; listening to their conversations. Since then I’ve had to change my will four times!”

An unhappy male patient balancing his chin on his hand while listening to a psychiatrist for advice | Photo: Shutterstock/fizkes


Here’s a bonus joke about a man who went to visit his psychiatrist for a session. While talking, the patient confessed that he was having recurring dreams that kept alternating.

He would dream he was a teepee and then a wigwam, then a teepee again, and the dreams would keep changing around in that fashion. The psychiatrist nodded as she took notes.

A man holding his forehead with a confused look on his face | Photo: Pixabay/Sammy-Williams


The patient explained that the dreams were actually taking a toll on him and that he was starting to lose his mind. He asked his doctor what she thought was wrong with him.

The psychiatrist slowly set down her writing pad and took off her reading glasses before facing the patient. She then revealed what her diagnosis was of the man's issue, stating:

“It’s simple really. You are clearly two tents.”

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