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Daily Joke: Every Year One Lawyer Stays in a Country Hotel for Vacation

Joe Akins
Jun 27, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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A lawyer visited a hotel during his holiday every year and had an affair with the hotel owner's daughter. During one of his visits, he noticed the lady had given birth and asked for an explanation, and the reply he got was funny.


A lawyer decided to take his yearly holidays at a country hotel. With every visit, he continued to share a romantic relationship with the hotel owner's daughter.

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One faithful year, he visited the hotel only to find out that his lover had given birth to twin boys. Surprised, the lawyer asked the lady why she kept the pregnancy and birth a secret.

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He explained that he would have married her and become responsible for the boys. Replying to the lawyer, the lady said when she told her parents about the pregnancy, they decided that it was better to have kids without a father in the family than a lawyer.


A man visited the police station and requested to speak with the thief who had broken into his apartment the previous night. Replying to the man, the desk sergeant said,

"You'll get your chance in court."

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The man who was not taking no for an answer insisted on talking to the burglar because he wanted to know how the thief entered his house without waking his wife. The man explained he had been trying to do that for years.


A calm and collected lady visited the pharmacy and walked up directly to the pharmacist. Looking straight into his eyes, she requested to buy some cyanide.

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Puzzled, the pharmacist asked the lady why she needed the drug. Replying to him, the woman noted she needed it to poison her husband. Filled with surprise, the pharmacist exclaimed,

"Lord have mercy!"

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He told the lady he could not give her the cyanide to kill her husband. The pharmacist revealed it was against the law, and his license would be lost.

The man continued to explain how they would be thrown into jail and subjected to several bad things. Finally, he told the lady she was not getting any cyanide.

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In response, the woman dug into her purse and brought out a photo of her husband and the pharmacist's wife in bed. Looking at the picture, the man said,

"Well now. That's different. You didn't tell me you had a prescription."

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