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Husband Forgets to Log Out from Facebook, Wife Takes a Peek – Subscriber Story

Bettina Dizon
Jun 29, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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When Mary's husband, Josh, started going home late every evening, she suspected that something was wrong. So she couldn't resist the temptation to check his Facebook chat.


Josh and Mary are a happily married couple. Although they're not wealthy, the two were blessed with great careers and a strong and healthy relationship. Mary felt secure with Josh, who was a very attentive and caring husband.

He often gave Mary flowers and lovely gifts on special occasions. But one day, things started to change in their household, which Mary immediately noticed. Josh started going to work as early as six in the morning and returned at ten in the evening.

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Upon arriving home, Josh would head straight to bed, leaving no time for them to talk or interact on weekdays. Immediately, Mary thought that he was seeing another woman, which is why he always came home late.

Mary did not want to make assumptions, so instead, she tried to be sweeter to Josh. As usual, her husband was also dear and showed no signs of falling out of love.

Soon, Mary's birthday came, and she woke up to an empty house. As usual, Josh was already at work, but unlike other special occasions, there were no flowers nor gifts left for Mary.

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Naturally, she felt sad and upset to see that her husband forgot. As she walked downstairs, Mary saw that Josh forgot to shut down his laptop before leaving the house.

As she got closer, the page was left on Facebook with a message blinking. Mary suddenly felt the urge to snoop around and verify her theory, but at the same time, she did not want to go behind her husband's back.

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"No, I won't do that. I won't look," she tried to convince herself, but something caught her eye -- a beautiful girl's profile photo in the message. Mary immediately opened the conversation and read.

However, the exchange was all in French, and she could not understand a thing except the girl's name, Juliette. Upon scrolling, Mary discovered that her husband had been exchanging messages with the woman for quite some time.

There were also several smiling and heart emojis sent. Mary burst into tears, thinking of the worst. "How could he do this to me on my birthday!" she thought to herself.

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When Josh came home at ten in the evening, his wife refused to talk to him and gave him the cold shoulder. "Baby, what's wrong?" asked a worried Josh. "I know everything! I know you've been having an affair with a French girl named Juliette," she replied.

Josh giggled a little and hugged his wife. "Juliette is an old friend who I met years ago as a foreign exchange student," he said. "I got in touch with her to ask for a favor. She agreed to let us stay in her Paris apartment when we visit."

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"What?" Mary said, confused. "Happy birthday, baby!" Josh replied as he held up two plane tickets to Paris. "I had to work two jobs for a while to book us a vacation to France. I hope you'll like it there," he added.

At that moment, Mary realized that she should have trusted her husband the whole time. The couple hugged for a long time before having a delicious celebratory dinner.

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Ask before making assumptions

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