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Man Leaves His Bride on Their Wedding Day, Here Is Why – Subscriber Story

Roshanak Hannani
Jul 04, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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A man left his bride right before the wedding, much to the shock of the bride’s father. But the reason why he couldn’t get married is even more scandalous.


They say many couples don’t get past planning a wedding because the stress of such a thing brings out the worst in people. Some women become “bridezillas,” and the amount of money spent can cause a rift in families.

Oriana and Carlos were planning to get married soon and started discussing everyone they needed to invite. She comes from a wealthy family, and her father had already given her a list of the most important people who needed to attend.

“We don’t know half of these people, darling,” Carlos said while looking at the list.

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“Honey, my father is paying for everything, and he wants them to come so I cannot say no. And it will look good for these VIPs to come to our wedding,” Oriana replied.

“Well, it should be fine as long as our dearest loved ones as also there,” he added.

Weddings should be about celebrating love, but Oriana also wanted her wedding to be completely high-class, and that’s why she had to talk to Carlos about something. “Speaking about that, I wanted to say something,” she started.

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“What’s going on, love?” Carlos wondered.

“I want to invite my friend Mariana, but with all my father’s guests, there’s not enough room at the restaurant for everybody. So, let's disinvite your grandmother,” Oriana said.

“What? You are crazy? My grandmother raised me on her own when my parents died, Ori. I need her at my wedding,” Carlos pleaded.

“I’m sorry, but no. Your grandmother doesn’t fit into this kind of crowd. She doesn’t have as much as when your grandfather was alive,” Oriana continued.

“That’s a ridiculous reason. Money isn’t everything,” he said.


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“It is to these people, and I want to look good at my wedding. Your grandmother cannot afford a dress and won’t give us a fancy wedding gift either. I’m the bride, and my father’s paying. So, I make the final decisions,” she said.


Carlos couldn’t believe what she said. How could they leave his grandmother off the wedding list just like that? “I’m your fiancé, Oriana. I should get a say too. How will I tell her that she’s not invited to the wedding?” he asked.

“Everyone knows the groom is just supposed to stay on the sidelines and agree to everything the bride says. Then, after that, you can figure out what to say to her. But your grandmother is not invited, and that’s it,” Oriana finished.

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Carlos had no idea what to do, but he knew that Oriana wouldn’t let his grandmother come no matter what. So, he went to visit her. She still lived in the same beautiful home his grandfather had built and where Carlos grew up after his parents died.

“Grandma, I’m sorry. But Oriana and I are not having a wedding after all,” he started after sitting with her on the sofa.

“Oh no, dear. What happened?” she asked.

“It’s just too much money for a party that lasts only one day, and there’s too much planning involved. We would rather avoid the hassle,” Carlos continued.


“That’s too bad because I always wanted to see you in a wedding suit and dance with you at the reception,” she added.

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“I know it was your dream, but there’s not much I can do right now,” Carlos said.

“Honey, all that matters is that you’re happy and that you and Oriana will love each other no matter what,” his grandmother continued.

Carlos didn’t have any more words for his adoring grandmother. So, he hugged her fiercely, apologizing in his mind because he didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth. They said goodbye, and he went out the door.

His phone rang while he was still standing on his grandmother’s porch. “Hello?” he answered.

“Is it done?” Oriana asked.


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“Yes, I told her that we canceled the wedding. You can invite your vapid friend Mariana. I hope the gift she brings is brilliant,” he replied coldly.


“You don’t have to take that tone with me. This is for the best. You’ll see,” she continued smugly despite Carlos’ anger.

“Yeah, right,” he said and hung up.

Their wedding day finally arrived, and Carlos was waiting for Oriana to get ready. He had already donned his suit but was feeling less than excited about this whole situation. Walking through their house, he noticed the mail and started sorting through it.

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He discovered a letter from his grandmother and quickly opened it. It read:

“Dear Carlos,

I know that you’re getting married today. I heard you on the phone talking to Oriana, and I want you to know that I understand completely. It was probably her idea anyway.

But I also know that it must have been a difficult decision for you. If you’re willing to protect her as you did, then you must truly love her.

You grandfather loved me just as much, and that’s why I want to give you something. Inside the envelope, you’ll find the keys to this house.

It’s the only thing I have worth anything, and it’s yours now. I want you to raise a happy family with lots of love here, just like your grandfather and I did, even if there wasn’t much money. Remember, I will always love you, and I’m not angry at you.

Your grandmother.”


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Carlos felt horrible after this discovery. His grandmother had just given up her own home to make him happy, and he was willing to leave her behind for a woman who didn’t seem worth it anymore. He made a decision right then.


“Carlos, what are you doing here? It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding,” Oriana exclaimed after he barged into her room. She was still getting ready but had her gown and veil already on.

“Bad luck would be to marry someone like you. So, I’m leaving and just came here to tell you in person,” Carlos explained.

“What? You cannot do this to me. The wedding is in an hour!” she yelled.

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“You’re going to have to find another groom if you want it to keep going,” Carlos replied.

“My father has spent so much money, and there are so many important people expecting this day. But, no, you’re not leaving, and this is going to happen!” she finished.

“See? You don’t even care about me at all. All you care about is money, status, and getting exactly what you want,” he continued deadpanned. Just then, her father walked in.

“What’s going on? I heard you guys yelling?” Mr. Jackson wondered.

“I’m glad you’re here, Mr. Jackson. I’m leaving. There will be no wedding today. At least, not with me as the groom,” Carlos replied.


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“That’s impossible, young man. I have very important business partners coming to see my daughter get married. So why are you leaving?” he continued.


“Your selfish daughter wouldn’t let me invite my grandmother, the only family I have left,” Carlos explained.

“But that’s a silly reason. We can just invite her then,” Mr. Jackson added.

“No, daddy! I don’t want her there. She doesn’t have the right image for MY wedding,” Oriana yelled through fake tears.

“That’s it! I’m leaving. Good luck to you both. I never want to see any of you again,” Carlos finished as he walked out of Oriana’s room and rushed to his grandmother’s house.

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She was shocked after seeing him on her doorstep. “Carlos? What are you doing here? You’re supposed to get married today,” she said.

“I know, grandma. But after getting your gift, I realized what was truly important in life,” Carlos answered. “All you need is love and family. I couldn’t marry a woman who cares more about money than anything else.”

“Dear, I didn’t want to ruin your day. I just wanted to give you a present,” his grandmother answered with a choked voice.

“Don’t worry. You did me the biggest favor in my life, and I also wanted you to see me in my wedding suit. How do I look?” Carlos said jokingly.


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“You look so dashing, just like your grandfather,” she replied before they both sat down for dinner. Carlos eventually found his happily ever after a few years later with a woman who valued the most important things in life.


What can we learn from this story?

1. Family is the most important part of life. Oriana wouldn’t invite her fiancé’s own grandmother to their wedding, and she ended up with no groom.

2. Money and status mean nothing. When you find the right person, you’ll understand that material things don’t give you happiness.

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