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Daily Joke: Brother Saves His Dying Twin with His Profession and a Shining Smile

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 02, 2021
10:30 P.M.
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A dentist asked his lazy twin brother to get food for the two of them. On the way to the market, his twin brother met a fatal accident. However, the dentist would go on to challenge the Grim Reaper in exchange for his brother's life.


Two identical twin brothers lived together. One was a well-respected dentist and the other could not quite maintain a job. Rather than go in search of work, he preferred to sit at home.

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One Saturday, the dentist needed some food and decided to assign the task to his brother. He asked his twin to quit being lazy and get them some food. After some argument, the lazy twin obliged. He got into the car and left for the store.

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While he was away, the dentist decided to take a nap since it was his day off. He switched off his phone to avoid any form of interruption. Thirty minutes passed and the lazy brother got into a car crash near the grocery store.

Badly injured, he could barely move and was unconscious. An ambulance arrived and the man was rushed to the hospital. Although he was placed in the emergency room for observation, his condition was very critical.

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All efforts to try to reach his twin brother were futile as his phone was turned off. That was until the dentist's sleep was interrupted by a loud knock at the door. Although he tried to ignore it, the knock became persistent.

Finally, he decided to open the door and to his amazement, he saw the Grim Reaper, a full skeleton covered in a tattered cloak, as seen in movies. Disappointed, the Grim Reaper said, "Oh no, this always happens with identical twins."

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Puzzled, the dentist asked what the statement was about. The Grim Reaper told him his brother was involved in a critical car crash and he had come to take him to the underworld because his time on earth was up.

Upset, the dentist decided to bargain with the Grim Reaper for his brother's life. He challenged the skeleton to compete with him at a task. If the dentist won, his brother would go free.

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Laughing hysterically, the Grim Reaper was interested and swore he was going to beat the dentist to any challenge. At that, the dentist challenged the Grim Reaper to a toothbrushing battle for five minutes. Whoever emerged with the cleaner teeth was the winner.

The Grim Reaper agreed to the terms and made his way to the bathroom. On getting there, he removed his cloak to reveal his sparkling skull. Next, he pulled out a toothbrush, put on some toothpaste, and began brushing his teeth.

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After five minutes, behold, the cleanest teeth anyone had ever seen. The Grim Reaper beamed with pride, cursing on the dentist.

At his turn, the dentist brought out a brush, applied some toothpaste, and began brushing vigorously. After exhausting his five minutes, he spat out the paste and smiled. To the amazement of the Grim Reaper, the dentist's teeth sparkled so much that the skeleton's reflection could be seen in his teeth.

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The Grim Reaper succumbed to defeat, hung his face in shame, and disappeared. At that instance, the lazy brother woke up in the hospital, uninjured, and very healthy. Immediately, he received a call from his twin.

Speaking to the dentist, he said, "Hey bro, you'll never believe what happened. Apparently, I went out to the market and got hit by a car. They say I almost died."

The dentist smiled and explained he also had a brush with death that day.

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