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Rude Man Insults Woman Whose Baby Stared at Him, Gets What He Deserves in a Few Seconds — Story of the Day

Camila Santiago
Jul 10, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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Lisa was just trying to enjoy a sunny Sunday morning with her baby and dog when a rude man ruined everything. But Karma acts fast and he learned his lesson within seconds.


It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, “The perfect weather for a walk in the park and an espresso afterward, right baby Mario?” says Lisa to her son, a cute one-year-old cute boy.

Lisa recently split with her partner, who’s also Mario’s father. They agreed on shared custody -- so Mario stays 15 days with his mom and 15 days with dad.

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The woman is a great mother and tries to make the best out of it whenever she’s with her son. “Let’s enjoy the day!” she says with a smile on her face while changing Mario’s clothes.

“Let’s go for a walk, Leslie?” Leslie, the little dachshund, barks in excitement. When Lisa takes her leash, she knows what it means.

Lisa is a nurse and having an entire weekend off is nearly rare. “Nothing can ruin this day,” she thinks to herself, strolling near the lake at the park.

Photo of Central Park, NYC | Source: Unsplash / Emily Kessler


After a lovely walk at the park, Lisa goes to her favorite cafe -- a sleek, stone-walled, concrete-floored Parisian café-style eatery with beautiful cushioned benches.

She ordered a bowl of fresh fruits with granola, a pain au chocolat, and an espresso. She tied Leslie to a chair and next to her was a pram in which little Mario was playing with his toys.

An older man in his sixties sat next to them, reading a newspaper and drinking coffee. He’s wearing an old-school Panama hat. At one point, he looks at little Mario and notices the little boy looking at him.

Child in blue denim overalls | Source: Unsplash / Garrett Jackson


The man looked down at the newspaper then looked at the boy again and noticed Mario still staring at him.

He gets a bit annoyed with the baby’s stares, so, he puts down the newspaper, turns to Lisa, and says, “Excuse me lady, but I’m getting a bit annoyed with your baby staring at me. Why is your child staring at me like that?"

Lisa seems a bit confused. She looks at Mario, then at the man, and replies, “Oh, I'm sorry, you just have a hat, and he really likes hats because his grandfather wears them all the time."

Woman with a baby pram | Source: Unsplash / Derick McKinney


The man rolls his eyes in displeasure and says, “Well, that’s nonsense. You can't just stare at people like that, that’s not polite. Can't you teach him to behave in society?"

The woman can’t believe what she just heard. “What the hell… he’s just a baby,” she thinks. “But sir,” she looks at the man in disbelief, “he's only a year old."

“So what,” replies the man, “What's the difference? He already needs to be taught manners. But looking at you, I understand that he has no one to learn from," the man says rudely.

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“Excuse me, sir,” says Lisa, “but let me get this straight. Are you saying I should teach a one-year-old how to behave?”

“That’s correct.”

Almost as if little Mario could feel the weird energy coming from the rude man, he begins to cry. So Lisa takes him in her arms to calm him down, “Shhh, hey buddy, that’s okay.”

“Oh God, you see… what a weeper you have. That’s disgusting,” says the nagging man.

Photo of baby crying | Source: Unplash / Marcos Paulo Prado


Lisa doesn't know what to do or what to say. She feels uncomfortable with the whole situation. And it seems that Leslie didn't like the man’s behavior and starts to growl at him.

“Oh, that’s all I needed!” shouts the man. He gets scared of Leslie and gets up from his chair. Somehow, Leslie releases herself from the chair and runs towards the man. He jumps off his chair and runs behind the house next door.

“Leslie!” Lisa runs after the dog and manages to grab its leash. “Leslie, what the hell? Come here!”

The woman returns to her chair and manages to calm both Leslie and Mario down. A few minutes later, the man comes back, visibly angry, and approaching them with a police officer. He begins to complain that the dog almost bit him.


Short brown-coated dog | Source: Unsplash / Simon

“This lady here has no manners and her dog tried to attack me! This is absurd, Officer!” shouts the man, pointing to Lisa. Lisa is embarrassed and doesn’t know what to do.


Luckily, the waiter who saw the whole situation approaches them and says, “Mr. policeman, I witnessed everything that happened here...."

"This man was first rude to the woman and her child, for which this little dog began to growl at him. He ran away like a chicken and without paying for his coffee."

Photo of a police man | Unsplash / Jacky Lam


The policeman looks at the man in the hat and says, "Sir, you can be fined for calling the police in vain. We have no time to deal with silly requests and clearly, you’re the one here who has no manners. So please, apologize to the woman and pay for your coffee."

The angry man barely pulls the word "Sorry" out of his teeth before he throws the money on the table and walks away. The policeman then wishes the woman and the waiter a good day and also leaves. Lisa sincerely thanked the waiter for his support and left him a good tip.

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What can we learn from this story?

  1. Don’t judge people by their appearance. What goes around comes around. The man expected unrealistic manners from a one-year-old baby and probably wouldn’t have behaved in the same way if it was a man in Lisa’s place.
  2. Never attack someone for a petty reason. The man had no reason to be rude to Lisa -- he got annoyed with the baby stares and attacked her. He thought that the policeman would agree with him but everyone could see his nonsense and rudeness.

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