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Daily Joke: Woman's Pet Dog Stops Listening to Her

Ayesha Muhammad
Jul 09, 2021
01:30 A.M.
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Animals are known to be loyal to their owners, which couldn't be more true for dogs. These furry babies are considered the most faithful animals, but sometimes, they can have a hard time obeying orders, which can be quite upsetting.


The same happened with a man whose wife's dog had stopped listening to her. Unable to discover what the actual problem was, she decided to take her dog to the vet. After properly checking the dog, the vet declared that the dog's hearing had been impaired.

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The vet then mentioned that the dog had too much hair in his ears, which affected his listening ability. He removed some of the hair and told the woman to go to a medical store and purchase a bottle of hair remover.

A vet conducting a check-up on a dog | Photo: Pexels/Mikhail Nilov


When the woman inquired how to go about the process, the vet advised her to put a little remover on a q-tip and rub it gently. He assured her that doing so will take care of all the unnecessary hair growth and fix the problem.

So she went to the pharmacist and asked for a bottle of hair remover. In response to her query, the pharmacist said that he had a bottle available, but he advised the woman not to use the cream between her legs. She told him she wasn't planning to use it on her legs.

A pharmacy by the road. | Photo: Pexels/Markus Winkler


The pharmacist then told the woman to avoid using it under her arms, or else she won't be able to use deodorant for three days straight. Once again, she told him that she wasn't going to use it under her arms.

Startled by the woman's answer, the pharmacist asked the woman where she planned to use it. The woman's reply was, "on my Schnauzer." Upon hearing her response, he told her not to ride a bicycle for another 3 days.

A leopard peeking from a tree branch. | Photo: Unsplash/Gwen Weustink


Here's another joke about a dog who had excellent hearing capacity, and he overheard a leopard eavesdropping on him. The dog was quick to remark back at the leopard as he chewed on a bone lying near him:

"That was a tasty leopard. I wonder if there's any more around here!"

A monkey sitting on a branch. | Photo: Unsplash/Jamie Haughton


The leopard heard the dog's response, got scared, and ran away in a flash. All this time, a monkey sitting in the trees was observing the entire scene. He decided to get into the leopard's good graces by narrating the event and seeking immunity for himself.

The monkey then told everything to the leopard, and the two animals teamed up against the dog. To their surprise, the dog had already heard everything, and he waited to shove his smart response in their faces. As soon as they came near, the dog uttered loud and clear:

"Where is that monkey? I sent him out hours ago to fetch me another leopard!?"

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