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Daily Joke: Man Visits His Seriously Ill Mother-in-Law

Laura Beatham
Jul 09, 2021
02:30 A.M.
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Today's jokes are about a few tricky situations men had with their mothers-in-law, including a man who visited his mother-in-law at the hospital and a mother-in-law who died abroad.


A man went to a hospital to visit his seriously ill mother-in-law. On the way home, his wife asked him, "Honey, how is my mother doing?"

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The husband responded, "Sounds like she is doing great. She is in good health and will live for many years. Next week she will be released and will come live with us, forever!"

Bandaged hand on a hospital bed. | Photo: Pixabay


The wife was confused. The previous day her mother seemed to be on her deathbed. "What do you mean she is doing well? Yesterday it seemed like she was nearing the end," said the wife.

The husband then said, "Well, the doctor said we should prepare for the worst."



A rich woman had three daughters who were all married. The mother wanted to test her three sons-in-law to see whether they really cared for her or not. So she invited the first son-in-law for a run.

During the run, the two reached a river, and the mother-in-law pretended to slip in. Her son-in-law immediately jumped into the water to save her. The next day he woke up to a brand new Audi and $1 million in cash. On the car was a note that read, "Thanks for saving me. - MIL."


The mother-in-law then took the second son-in-law for a run and again pretended to fall into the river. He saved her too. The next morning she gifted him a brand new Audi, $1 million in cash, and a note that said, "Thanks for saving me. - MIL."

Finally, the mother-in-law took her third son-in-law on the run. However, when she fell in this time, the third son-in-law did not save her. He returned home and told his family that she had drowned in the river. Everyone was upset but understood the situation.

The next day, the son-in-law received two brand new Audis and $2 million in cash. He later found a note that read: "Thanks for saving me. - FIL."



A man, his wife, and her mother went on a trip to Israel. Unfortunately, during the vacation, the man's mother-in-law passed away. So the couple has to make plans for her funeral and what to do with the body.


A man who was helping them make arrangements said, "Well, you have two options; you can send her back to the US, bury her there and pay $5000 or you can bury her here for $1000."


The husband asked if they could think about it, and the man agreed. The next day, the husband returned and said, "We are going to send her home to the US."

The agent said, "Wow, you must really love her."

The husband replied, "No, I heard about some guy who came back to life here after 500 years, and I am not taking any chances."


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