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Daily Joke: Man with a Sleeping Problem Went to a Psychologist to Solve It

Laura Beatham
Jul 13, 2021
11:30 P.M.
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Today's jokes are about two people who had serious problems and decided to pay a visit to a psychologist. Continue reading to find out if the psychologists were helpful!



Once there was a man who was suffering from terrible sleeping problems. He wanted to solve this issue, so he decided to make an appointment with a psychologist.

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On the day of the appointment, he laid down on the psychologist’s couch, and the two started discussing his sleeping problem.

The psychologist said, "So tell me. What issues are you experiencing?" The man explained, "Well, every time I try to go to sleep, I cannot because I am worried that someone is under the bed."

A patient talking to a psychologist. | Photo: Pixabay/mohamed Hassan


The patient continued, "Then, when I sleep under the bed, I worry that there is someone on top of the bed. I cannot sleep." While he explained his situation, the psychologist took notes.

After he finished taking notes, the psychologist said, "Right, we are going to solve this problem. However, you and I will need to do three sessions a week for the next week, and our fee is $100 per session."


The psychologist took out a calculator and continued, "So it will be $15,600 a year." The patient refused. It was far too much money, so he told the psychologist to have a good day and left the office.

A week later, as the psychologist was walking down the road, he noticed the man. So he went up to him and asked if he was still struggling with his sleeping issues.


The patient said, "Everything is great. After our session, I went to the bar right next to the clinic. I ordered a beer and started telling the bartender all about my problem. He actually figured it out for me."

The psychologist was stunned and said, "How? What did he say? What did you do?" The man responded, “He listened to me for a long time. Then he thought a little and suggested, "Cut the legs off the bed." "



A millionaire went to a psychologist, and as he was lying on the couch, he said, "I have a problem where I buy too many things. Big things, small things. It doesn't matter if the item is on sale or not, I will buy it! In fact, the other day, I pulled out my credit card and purchased a mall."

The psychologist was taking notes and said, "Oh my! It sounds like you have a real shopping complex."