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Daily Joke: Authorities Arrest a Foreign Spy Who Insists He's American

Laura Beatham
Jul 13, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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Today's jokes are all about spies! Including a foreign spy who swore he was an American and a group of three spies who tried to keep all of their secrets under wraps!



A foreign spy infiltrated America under the alias of "John Smith." However, he was arrested by American officials. He was placed in an interrogation room, and an agent started interrogating him.

The spy was interrogated for hours | Photo: Shutterstock


Smith asked the agent, "Why am I being held and interrogated?! I am an American." The agent then responded, "Drop the act! I know you are not an American!"

Smith protested, "

I am an American!

I can name all of the 46 Presidents of the United States as well as their inauguration dates and vice-presidents." The agent shook his head and said, "I still know you are not an American."

Smith yelled, "No! I am a real American! I can name all fifty states, the US territories, and all of their capitals!" "Hmm, I still believe you are not an American!" said the agent.


Smith explained, "No, truly, I am American. I can recite every word of the national anthem, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights!" The agent responded, "There is no way you are an American."

Finally, the foreign spy gave up and said, "Fine. I am not an American. I am a foreign spy. But how did you know?" The agent said, "Simple. Americans do not know all of those things. "


A French spy, a German spy, and an Italian are captured one day. The captors first interrogate the French spy for information. They take him to the next room and tie his hands behind his back.


Then they torture him for two hours before he cracks and tells them all the answers to their questions and reveals all of his secrets. They then moved on to the German spy.


They took the German spy to the next room, tied his hands behind the chair, and started to torture him. After four hours of torture, the German spy cracked and told the captors everything they wanted to know.

Finally, they moved on to the Italian spy. They tied him to a chair, with his hands behind his back and started torturing him. After four hours, the Italian spy still had not spoken.

Six hours passed, then 10 hours, then 12 hours, then 16, then 24 hours, but the Italian spy still did not reveal any information. The other two spies were very impressed that he could resist talking for so long.

Eventually, when they were all thrown into the same cell together, the two spies asked, "That was very impressive. How did you manage not to talk through all that torture?"

The Italian spy said, "Oh, believe me, I wanted to speak so badly, but I couldn't move my hands."


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