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Camila Santiago
Jul 18, 2021
01:30 A.M.
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Man's father just died and he invited his mom to live with him. But the evil wife started to treat his mom poorly and she threw her out on the street behind his back. Fortunately, life has other plans for them.


Do you know those cute couples who are together for decades that we mostly see in movies? Well, my parents were like that.

They’ve been together for 42 years, until “death did them part,” literally. It goes without saying that my mother got devastated. I was kind of prepared for this day, as the old man was sick for ages. I was worried about my mom.

Karine left her mother-in-law on the streets like a stray dog | Source: Shutterstock


As soon as he passed away, I asked my mother to move in with us -- me and my wife Karine. I knew in my gut I did the right thing, but I knew that something could go wrong. Especially with Karine. But my mother needed me, so I couldn’t leave her alone.

And my gut feeling was right. My wife didn’t like the idea from the start. On the first day that my mother moved in, Karine asked me, “This isn’t for a lifetime, is it?”

Couple talking about his mother moving in after his father died | Source: Pexel


“Look Karine, my mom needs me… If it will be necessary, she’ll stay here for a lifetime,” I told her.

As the days went by, they kept having arguments. My wife liked to do things her own way and when it comes to house chores, she got crazy when someone would say something to her…

My mother has a huge heart and her intentions were always good. One day she offered help to Karine to organize and clean the kitchen. “Hey Karine, this place needs some attention. Would you like to do the cleaning up together?”

My mother offered Karine help to clean the kitchen | Source: Unsplash


Karine replied sharply, “Don’t teach me how to take care of my house!”

At first, I didn’t think this would be a problem, knowing my wife, but the arguments and the friction kept going. One evening, we were having dinner together and my mom said, “I wish I live long enough to see my grandchildren.”

“Excuse me, but this is none of your business,” replied my wife. I knew something was wrong. The following week, I had a business trip and I was hoping they would become friends while I was gone.

I was hoping my mother and wife would getting along well | Source: Unsplash


But, I couldn’t have been more wrong…

When I returned in a week, I was shocked I couldn’t find my mother anywhere. “Darling, where’s my mom?” I asked Karine.

“You aren’t going to believe it but she said she was feeling much better and that she’d like to live by herself now!” she said, “so she packed her things and left.” She paused while looking for something in the nightstand drawer. “I think she mentioned some island… Here, she left you a card.”

The post card my mother supposedly left | Source: Pexel


The card was written: “Honey, I’m tired of missing your dad! Don’t go looking for me, I want to start a new life!”

“What the hell? This doesn’t sound like my mom… at all!” I was outraged. “Karine, do you know what happened?”

“That’s all I know, darling.”

I knew something wasn’t right so I went on a search. That same day I called all her friends and they all said they didn’t know anything about a plan or that didn’t sound like her.

I started calling my mother's friends to find some answers. | Source: Unsplash


I went around all the hospitals but she wasn’t in any of them. I was driving around the city, thinking what I should do next, and my intuition told me to go where our old house was -- where our family used to live many years ago.

When I arrived there, I couldn’t believe my eyes! My mom was sleeping on a bench, using a newspaper for a blanket! It turned out that my wife offered my mom to go for a ride and she loved the idea.

Karine parked the car and dumped my mother on the street | Source: Unsplash


And when they arrived at the place, Karine kicked my mom out of the car without money like some kind of stray dog and said to her, “You’re in the way of my happiness! Your place is next to your husband!”

When my mom saw me, she was so relieved! We cried and hugged each other. “I had nowhere to go but I knew you’d find me, my son! I could feel it!”

It was time for Karine to leave. | Source: Pexel


That very day I threw my wife out, just like she did with my mom. Before she left, I told her, “I could never imagine I was married to a monster!”

Karine looked at us with no sign of remorse and said, “I knew I should have taken her to the woods,” and she slammed the door behind her.

Karine may have left physically, but what she’d done to us left a mark. For a while, I had difficulties trusting women, even though most of the time I'd met incredible and loving women.

I dedided to see a shrink to heal. | Source: Unsplash


But the problem was with me, not with them. A year after what had happened between Karine and my mother, I decided to see a shrink.

It helped heal most of my wounds and within a few months, I met Lisa. We fell in love immediately and I knew I could trust her. She didn’t love just me but my mother too. Lisa got pregnant and my mom was happy taking care of her adorable granddaughter.

I met Lisa and we fell in love. | Source: Pexel


What can we learn from this story?

  1. Know who you can trust. Hadn’t the man invited his mother to live with them, he wouldn’t have known the type of person his wife was.
  2. Good people will always be happy. Even if it takes time, after some ups and downs, life gives good people what they deserve -- happiness.

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