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Daily Joke: Indian Chief Calls the Meteorological Center to Find Out If Winter Will Be Cold

Laura Beatham
Jul 17, 2021
02:30 A.M.
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Today's jokes are all about people trying to figure out the weather, including one Chief who asked the National Weather Service about the winter and a meteorologist who wanted to move to another city.



It was autumn, and the members of a Native American tribe were concerned about how cold the upcoming winter would be, so they headed to the reservation's Chief to ask for his opinion.

They asked, 'Chief, is this upcoming winter going to be mild or very cold?"

Because the Chief was now living in modern society, he was never taught the old secrets of their tribe. For example, when he looked into the sky, he could not understand anything about the upcoming winter.

The Chief was an efficient leader | Shutterstock


Nonetheless, to be safe, he told the tribe that the winter would indeed be very cold and that they should collect firewood to prepare for the upcoming weather.

The Chief was an efficient leader, so he came up with a plan after a few days. He went to the nearest phone booth, and dialed the National Weather Service, and asked, "Is the upcoming winter going to be cold?"

"Oh, yes!" replied the National Weather Service meteorologist, "it is going to be a cold winter indeed."


The newly informed Chief went to his people and told them to collect more firewood to prepare for the cold winter. A week later, he called the Weather Service again. The Chief asked the meteorologist, "Is it going to be a very cold winter this year?"

"Indeed!" replied the meteorologist, "this winter is going to be a freezing one!"

With the new information, the Chief went to his people and told them to collect every scrap of firewood for the upcoming winter. Two weeks later, he phoned the Weather Service again.


"Hi, are you sure this winter is going to be very cold?" asked the Chief.

"Absolutely!" replied the National Weather Service meteorologist, "it looks like it is going to be one of the coldest winters ever!"

"Are you sure? How can you be so sure?" asked the Chief.

The meteorologist said, "The Native Americans are collecting wood like crazy!"



A meteorologist based in Florida called his boss and said, "Hi Boss, I need to transfer out of Florida! I will go anywhere else but Florida!"

The boss was very confused, so he asked, "Well, Why's that, Jim? What's wrong with Florida?"

The meteorologist then said, "The weather in Florida just does not agree with me!"

Florida weather is so unpredictable! Poor Jim! If you are looking for another laugh or two, check out our large collection of jokes, starting with this joke about a pilot who was upset about the weather!