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Daily Joke: Man Has Trouble Distinguishing Between His Right and Left During an Eye Exam

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 18, 2021
10:30 P.M.
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Seamus had trouble sighting objects far away, so he decided to go to his optician. After a series of failed attempts with his eye test, his reaction in the end will shock you. Keep reading!


A man named Seamus had struggled with seeing objects at a far distance and decided to visit an optician for an eye examination. During the eye test, the optician asked him to close his right eye with his left hand and say the letters on a card.

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For a long time, Seamus had always had issues differentiating between right and left, so the optician asked that he close his left eye with his left hand and read the letters, but Seamus still found it challenging.

Next, the optician picked up a cardboard box, cut out two tiny square holes, and placed it over Seamus' head. Then, the optician asked the man to close one spot and say the letters on the card through the other.

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To the concern of the optician, Seamus began to wail uncontrollably, which made the eye doctor remove the box and ask what the problem was. Seamus replied,

"I wanted a metal frame like me brother's got!"



A famous painter was diagnosed with a terrible eye disease that would eventually make him lose his sight. After pondering for some moments with concern, the painter decided to visit a local eye doctor and had his disease cured.


In appreciation, the painter painted a large visual reproduction of a human eyeball in the doctor's waiting room. After three weeks, the press arrived at the location to cover the unveiling of the masterpiece.


A few moments later, the curtain was dropped, and everyone beheld the perfect rendition which covered an entire wall. The man paid attention to every detail, especially the iris and the red veins, and it was stunning.

After the unveiling, a reporter requested to know the optometrist's thoughts on the artwork, and he said, "It's nice….and I'm thrilled I'm not a gynecologist."


A half-Chinese and half-Filipino man had difficulties seeing while driving and decided to visit his eye doctor who was also an Asian.

The doctor performed the usual routine — peering into the eyes, eye charts, and a glaucoma test, and finally revealed the man's problem. He noted that the man could not see clearly while driving because he has a cataract.


However, the Asian man told his doctor that it was a wrong guess, and the main reason for his eye problem was that he had a Mercedes.

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