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California Doctor Heads to Delivery Room after Being Injured in a Crash on His Way to Hospital

Rodolfo Vieira
Jul 31, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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Dr. George Alkhouri, a doctor from Central California, is being hailed a hero after he was able to successfully deliver a baby after being involved in a violent car crash.


Alyssa Stanghellini, from Merced, was rushed to Mercy Medical Center on July 2 and prepared for an emergency cesarean delivery as her baby's umbilical cord had wrapped around his throat.

Nurses on duty immediately called Dr. Alkhouri, who picked up despite the late hour -- around midnight -- got in his car and sped towards the hospital. However, he almost lost his life on the way over.

Dr. Alkhouri on the left and Alyssa Stanghellini on the right | Photo: Youtube.com/KCRA News



While the good doctor was already thinking about the possible complications and the best way to conduct the surgery, a drunk driver crashed against his car.

Luckily, Dr. Alkhouri didn't suffer major injuries but still came out of the nasty accident with shattered glass all over his face and hands, as well as an injured leg.

Dr. Alkhouri talking about the incident | Photo: Youtube.com/KCRA News


However, despite being hurt, the physician knew how bad the situation was and that if he didn't make it to the hospital, little Bradley Stanghellini wouldn't be able to survive. He recalled:

"I wasn't thinking about the pain in my leg, or the blood on my face, or my hand. Just, all I'm thinking is, 'how am I going to get there and how I'm going to deliver this baby?'"

Dr. Alkhouri's car after the crash | Photo: Youtube.com/KCRA News



Through sheer determination and with the help of a police officer who let him go upon learning what was at stake, Dr. Alkhouri made it to the hospital on time.

Just minutes before delivering the baby, nurses had to remove the shards of glass from the doctor's face, and he was forced to welcome the newborn into the world while standing on one leg.

Dr. Alkhouri and Alyssa Stanghellini hugging | Photo: Youtube.com/KCRA News


Alyssa, who is now at home with her little bundle of joy, has expressed her gratitude to the good doctor, whom she described as a "remarkable human being."

Dr. Alkhouri's injuries continue to heal, and although it was a scary and stressful episode in his life, it reminded him why he chose to become a doctor in the first place. He said:

I'm so happy to see Alyssa and her baby, healthy and together. This gives me more push to do it again, honestly."


As for Alyssa, she couldn't stop praising Dr. Alkhouri for enduring all that pain in order to bring Bradley into the world, which she isn't sure could have happened if he hadn't been able to make it to the hospital.


Doctors are true heroes and go to great lengths to make sure they save as many lives as possible. Just 3 years ago, a doctor named Amanda Hess made the news for delivering a baby before giving birth to her own.


Dr. Hess was not supposed to be on call, as she was being induced at Frankfort Regional Medical Center, but after learning that a baby was in distress, she couldn't help but jump in and save the day.

She swapped her flip-flops for boots, put on an extra hospital gown, delivered the baby, and started having contractions minutes later. Thankfully, everything went well, and both babies were born healthy.


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