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Daily Joke: Blacksmith Made a Flawless Sword for a Knight to Kill Bastards

Laura Beatham
Aug 02, 2021
07:30 A.M.
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A knight went to visit a blacksmith to get a sword made. He wanted a strong sword that would slay all of his enemies, so he said to the blacksmith, "Listen, I need a sword that can slay bastards!"


The blacksmith agreed and made the knight the sword he asked for. So the knight went to battle with a plan to slay whoever came before him.

The knight was so proud of his sword! | Photo: Shutterstock


The first enemy was a simple soldier. The knight lifted his sword and swung it at his enemy. The soldier split in two, and the knight was very proud of himself, so he moved to his second enemy.

The second opponent was much stronger than the first. He held his shield up high to block the knight's attack, but the sword pierced through, and the knight smiled to himself as his second enemy fell to the floor.

His third opponent was much frailer than the other two soldiers. The knight swung his sword, but it did not cut through the third enemy, so the knight shouted in anger, "What is happening? This sword is supposed to kill all bastards!"


The knight hoped the sword would slay all his enemies. | Photo: Pixabay/Free-Photos

The Knight's third enemy stood with pride and exclaimed, "I am no bastard, for I was planned."

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Two Knights had prepared for a duel and were standing in front of each other ready to duel. The first knight unsheathed his sword and stood proudly with his big sword.

It glittered in the sun and was made from the strongest steel. He stared at his opponent and watched him take out his weapon, and to his surprise, the second knight took out a large block of cheese.

So the first knight said, "Now, how do you expect to beat me with that?

"That's easy," said the second knight, "It's sharp... cheddar."


Now that sure was cheesy! | Photo: Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures


A young knight was nervous about his visit with the king, so he went to ask the old wise man for advice on what he should do. The wise man presented him with a beautiful pipe and told him to gift it to the king.


The knight was very confused and said, "But how will this beautiful ornament help me with the king? What will it do?"

The wise man said, "To take advantage of him." But he did not say anything else, so the knight took the pipe and headed for his visit with the king.

The young knight would give the king a beautiful pipe. | Photo: Pixabay/Jan Steiner


He met with the king and presented him with the pipe. The king then granted the knight all of his wildest dreams and pleasures.

The knight headed back to the wise man and asked him, "I don't get it. Why did the pipe make him grant everything I asked for?"

The wise man laughed and said, "It is what I put in the pipe that allowed you to take advantage of him!"

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