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Daily Joke: Tourist Whose Boat Capsized Asks Local If There Are Alligators in the Water

Afouda Bamidele
Aug 03, 2021
02:20 A.M.
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A tourist was enjoying a lovely afternoon in a tropical area, and while he wafted through the water on his boat, the calm area became turbulent. This caused the boat to be rocked vigorously.


Because it was a small boat, it could not withstand the storm and heavy waves. The tourist tried his best, putting all his strength while fighting so the boat would not be turned over.

"Are there alligators in this water?" was the question on the tourist's mind | Photo: Shutterstock


However, all his efforts were futile as the boat capsized. The planks used in constructing the boat scattered and were littered across the sea. The man could swim well, but he was scared.

This was because he knew that the area was filled with alligators. The man held on to what was remaining of his capsized boat. He floated and frantically looked around, hoping no alligators would pop out.

The tourist huddled around the raft for hours, making sure to keep alert for any signs of alligators. This continued until he noticed someone had arrived at the shore.


He immediately called out to the person, asking if he was a local. The man, who was a beachcomber on the shore, called back and mentioned that he was.

The tourist was thankful for this, knowing that the locals would have more information about the sea. He asked if there were alligators in the water, and the beachcomber replied that there were none in the sea.

The tourist breathed a sigh of relief and started waddling gently through the water, making sure to be careful. As he got closer to the shore, the man thought to himself, wondering how the locals go rid of all the alligators.


Once again, he called out to the beachcomber. He smiled and asked how the people got rid of the alligators. The beachcomber replied to him:

“We didn’t do nothing. The sharks got them.”

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