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Daily Joke: Queen of England Tells American Leader the Secret to Her Successful Government

Laura Beatham
Aug 03, 2021
07:40 A.M.
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One day the US President paid a visit to the Queen of England. After a tour of Buckingham Palace, he asked, "So Your Majesty, you must tell me, how do you run your country so well?"


The Queen replied, "Well, I make sure the best people are running it."

The Queen shared her best kept secret! | Photo: Shutterstock

The President thought for a minute and then asked, "Well, how do you ensure they are the best people to do the job?"


"That's simple," said the Queen, "let me show you." So she called in the Prime Minister and presented him with a question.

"So, Mr. Prime Minister," said the Queen, "if your parents have a child, but it is not your brother nor your sister, who is it?"

The Prime Minister said, "Well, then it is me."

The President decided he would ask his staff the same question. | Photo: Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures


The US President was very impressed. So when he returned to the White House, he thought he would try the question on his own staff.

So he went to the Vice President and asked, "So if your parents have a child, but it is not your brother nor your sister, who is it?"

The Vice President could not answer the question right away. Instead, he spent the whole day running around the White House trying to figure out the answer.

Eventually, the Vice President stumbled upon the Attorney General and asked her the same question. She thought about it for a while and then responded, "Well, it must be me, Vice President."


The VP thanked her and returned to the President. Once in the Oval Office, the Vice President said, "Sir, I have finally figured out the answer. It is the Attorney General."

"No!" said the President, "it is the British Prime Minister."

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How would his T-shirt business go? | Photo: Pixabay/analogicus



One day the Queen of England released a new design for the Royal Family's family crest. So an entrepreneur looking to make some money decided he would put the design on T-shirts.

He began selling his T-shirts outside of Buckingham Palace and was making a lot of money. Tourists could not get enough of his T-shirts because they made the perfect souvenir.

However, he soon started receiving angry calls from the Royal Family's lawyers. He later found out that he had to pay Her Royalty royalties for his royal tees.

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Source: Reddit and Upjoke.

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