TV Anchor Diagnosed with Brain Cancer after 'Unusual Headache'

Brittany Chalmers
Aug 05, 2021
08:00 P.M.

When a local news anchor in Atlanta felt a sudden headache and disorientation, she didn't think her life was about to change forever—but it did. Doctors confirmed the shocking news that she had brain cancer.


July was a sad time for Jovita Moore and her family. The veteran local news anchor shared that she had been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Moore initially took a break from her time on air in April to undergo brain surgery with the hopes of returning to her job 10 weeks later. However, after two masses were removed, the tumors turned out to be glioblastoma.

News anchor, Jovita Moore, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer | Photo: Instagram//jovitamoore

News anchor, Jovita Moore, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer | Photo: Instagram//jovitamoore


Consequently, Moore was handed a forbidding prognosis as this aggressive form of cancer has no cure. The 53-year-old, who has been a journalist for more than two decades, shared her symptoms that started in April.

She said:


"I was really concerned about why all of a sudden I was forgetful, disoriented, and just not feeling myself. Feeling like I was in a fog and really wanting to get out of that fog."


The mother of three, who was healthy, was understandably shocked by the news. Now, she urges people to take note of any uncommon headache symptoms.


Moore was also adamant about encouraging listeners to get checked if "something’s not right with [them]."

She outlined the unsettling sensations that signaled something was wrong with her. The news anchor described that it was "almost like walking in quicksand."



Sadly, because the tumors grow tentacles into the brain, her form of cancer is challenging to remove. The National Brain Tumor Society shared that these tumors can affect people's mood, behavior, and the normal functions of the body.

WSB-TV community and public affairs director Condace Pressley spoke about her longtime friend's condition. She said: "Our girl is strong. Our girl is a fighter, and she’s doing great every day."



WSB-TV also shared that it was a tough day for them. They asked fans to pray for the host as she fights cancer. Many online users offered kind words of support.

One netizen wrote: "Sending all my loving thoughts and prayers to Jovita and her family," while another added that they were "hoping for a complete recovery."



Moore offered fans and friends a special thank you message in a recent evening newscast. The host expressed immense gratitude for "all the gifts, and most importantly, thank you for your prayers and positive energy."

She shared that she followed the doctor's orders and focused on her well-being while surrounded by her loved ones at home. Moore was also adamant about encouraging listeners to get checked if "something’s not right with [them]."



It's not easy to distinguish between a normal headache and a dangerous one—but it is important and can save a life. People older than 50 should not take head pain lightly. They should also look out for pain that travels down the neck.

Sudden discomfort that brings severe pain in less than 5 minutes must be monitored, and individuals who are immunocompromised should take extra precautions. A simple headache can sometimes be a sign of a bigger underlying issue.

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