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Daily Joke: Wrestlers from Russia and Ireland Fighting for a Gold Medal at the Olympics

Laura Beatham
Aug 11, 2021
08:20 P.M.
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During the Olympics, a wrestler from Ireland and a wrestler from Russia were preparing to fight in the final to see which one of the athletes would win the gold medal.


Before the match, the Irish wrestler's coach had a few words of advice for him: "Do not forget all the research we have done on this Russian. He has never lost a match because of his crowning "pretzel" hold."

The Irish wrestler would not give up! | Photo: Shutterstock

The Irish wrestler would not give up! | Photo: Shutterstock


The coach continued, "The hold ties his opponent up in knots. So whatever happens, try not to get pulled into the hold, or the gold medal will slip through our fingers!"

The Irish wrestler nodded in acknowledgment and walked over to the mat to start the match. At first, the fight looked pretty even as both opponents had great moments.

However, suddenly, the Russian wrestler pulled the Irish wrestler into the dreaded "pretzel" hold. The crowd let out an audible sigh of disappointment, and the Irish coach buried his head in his hands.

Who will win the gold medal? | Photo: Pixabay/Arek Socha

Who will win the gold medal? | Photo: Pixabay/Arek Socha


The coach could not watch his star wrestler lose. Suddenly, there was a loud scream, and the crowd began to cheer! As the coach looked up, he saw the Russian wrestler fly across the mat.

The Irish wrestler quickly got to his feet and collapsed on top of him. The Russian then thudded the mat with his hand to show defeat. The crowd cheered, and the Irish wrestler was given the gold medal.

When the wrestler and coach were finally alone, the coach said, "That was amazing! But how did you do it? I haven't seen anyone be able to pull through that hold!"

This was a very tough match! | Photo: Pixabay/OpenClipart-Vectors

This was a very tough match! | Photo: Pixabay/OpenClipart-Vectors


The wrestler then replied, "Well, when he got me in all those knots, I lost all hope of winning. However, just before I gave up, I noticed a pair of testicles hanging in my face. So I stretched my neck out and bit down as hard as I could!"

The coach was amazed and shocked and then exclaimed, "Oh wow! So that's what finished him off?"

The wrestler then said, "Not really. You'd be amazed how strong you get when you bite your own balls."

What a hilarious joke! If you need another laugh, check out this joke about athletes who were discussing what would be better than winning an Olympic medal!

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