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TikToker Films Baby Left inside a Locked Car, Makes Controversial Move

Rodolfo Vieira
Aug 09, 2021
01:20 P.M.
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A TikToker named Jazmine, also known on the platform as @jazzyluvv, recently found a newborn baby left inside a locked car, but the video she posted about it caused a lot of controversy.


According to Jazmine, when she got near the car, she noticed that the baby was crying and the parents were nowhere to be seen. She felt very angry and immediately used her phone to share the story with her fans.

However, some of them were quick to judge Jazmine for just standing there and recording instead of trying to rescue the baby at all costs or even find the parents.

TikToker Jazmine and the baby she found inside the locked car | Photo: Tiktok.com/jazzyyluvv



Some users even noticed that the baby was not strapped in and that Jazmine should have called the police and broken the window to get the baby out.

Jazmine later posted another video to address all the attacks she had been the target of for not trying to help the baby, arguing that she was trying to get the car's license plate.


The TikToker said that she started recording because she planned on going around the back and getting the plate, but another woman was nearby looking at her as if she thought she was gonna break into the vehicle.

Jazmine also said that she didn't even consider breaking the window because that would have hurt the baby since glass scatters several feet in every direction when shattered.

TikTok users attacking Jazmine for not trying to save the child | Photo: Tiktok.com/jazzyyluvv


She explained the situation to the bystander, and the two decided to look for the parents, which was when a woman came out of a beauty supplies store with her grown daughter and four children.

Back in June, in Israel, a baby was also forgotten inside a locked car.

The baby locked inside the car | Photo: Tiktok.com/jazzyyluvv



When they realized what all the fuss was about, the woman admitted that the baby was hers, while her daughter looked confused and said that she thought her mother had taken the baby out of the car.

What happened next isn't known, but it is believed that the family just got in their vehicle and left. As to why Jazmine didn't call the police, she said that she was afraid of their prejudice against black people.

Jazmine talking to her fans during a TikTok video | Photo: Tiktok.com/jazzyyluvv


Not only that, but she also decided not to call Child Protective Services because, having people in her family who grew up in the system, she knew that sometimes, it is better for a child to be with their parents.


Back in June in Israel, a baby was also forgotten inside a locked car, attracting a crowd of worried strangers who tried everything they could to save the little one.

Woman getting the baby out of the car | Photo: Reddit/u/hardisc

Unlike what happened with Jazmine, one man resorted to smashing the back window of the vehicle to rescue the child, who was suffering due to the intense heat.

Glass scattered near the crying baby, but although it was quite dangerous to break the window, it was a quick and necessary way to save the child's life.

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