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TikToker's Video of Sleeping Taco Bell Worker Sparks Debate

Stephen Thompson
Aug 07, 2021
06:20 A.M.
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A Tiktok video that captured a Taco Bell worker dozing on the job has been making rounds on the internet, sparking debates about the country's working conditions and the federal minimum wage.


A TikTok video of a Taco Bell employee sleeping on duty just went viral on social media. It has sparked a debate on the current working conditions of workers all over the country.

The video surfaced on a Tiktok account registered as @jacobcohen8 — it only lasted briefly, but the effect has been deafening. The flick began with the camera fixed on a Taco Bell employee who had his face pressed against the monitor unmoving.

A picture of a Taco Bell worker dozing off at work. | Photo: tiktok.com/greensborojc


The man holding the phone could be heard calling out to him several times, asking if the outlet was open before he responded. His face looked extremely tired, and he seemed a bit dazed as he answered that they were and proceeded to take the customer's order.

The order was a relatively simple one; however, some users found fault with it because the employee looked lost and burned out. Shortly after the video went live on the famous Tiktok app, netizens launched a debate in the comments section.

A few called out the man who recorded the experience for doing so even though the employee had been clearly struggling to be present. Even after he took the man's order, he did not get right on it but instead faced his workbench and promptly fell asleep.


The debate led to a lively discussion concerning minimum wage jobs and how frequently an average American had to work to make just a bit of money. Users declared that the government "get that man his $15 an hour."

During the discussion, many netizens also revealed that many American employees have to hold down multiple jobs, some of which include hard late-night shifts that take a significant toll on the body.

Users were not at ease with the involvement of the police, as many believed it spelled the loss of his job.


The reason the employee seemed so burnt out hardly concerned people; they came to his defense and bashed @jacobcohen8 for filming him and going through with the order after seeing the state the worker had been in.

He defended himself in the comment section by revealing that he never got his order and, rather than simply drive away, called the police and waited till they arrived.

Many users did not take the revelation very well, and they called @jacobcohen8 out for calling the police. A majority considered it a callous move, while others believed that calling the police was the right step to take.

An American policeman walks in the street with a police car visible in the background. | Photo: Shutterstock


Several hours into the saga, @jacobcohen8 posted another video showing the same general scene just before he made his order.

Netizens called him out again, and he responded by stating that he only called the "non-emergency" line because he was afraid the employee would pass out.

Users were not at ease with the involvement of the police, as many believed it spelled the loss of his job. Many urged other people to help out anyone that seemed to be struggling instead of filming or notifying the authorities.