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McDonald's Worker Films Men Making Fun of Her Job, Video Goes Viral

Brittany Chalmers
Aug 11, 2021
12:40 P.M.
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When a car full of brash men decided to mock a McDonald’s employee, things escalated quickly, and the police were contacted. Their behavior also led to uproar online and saw the group labeled "little boys."


A TikToker decided to record a group of men as they placed their order at her drive-thru window and chose to hurl insults her way. She wanted to capture just how rude they were being, and she succeeded.

One of the men also had his phone out and seemed to be recording the incident. However, it was the employee's clip that truly got netizens' attention. With hundreds of thousands of views, the short clip has made waves online this month.

A group of men mock a McDonald's employee at drive-thru window and one of them records her with his phone | Photo: TikTok/yglingling



When the group chose to mock the employee because she worked at McDonald’s, the worker decided to use the internet to shame them. She could even be heard asking them if they want to be TikTok-famous.

The three men seemed unperturbed by her words and laughed. The clip was recorded in the early morning and detailed how the men used profane language when talking to the employee.

Man records employee at drive-thru window and makes fun of her job at McDonald's | Photo: TikTok/yglingling



In a follow-up video, the TikToker explained that the drama started because the men were "speaking far too softly." This required her to ask them to speak up numerous times.

Many online community members were outraged by the men's actions but not everyone sided with the McDonald's employee.

The men took issue with the fact that the employee was wearing one Airpod instead of her headset. However, the employee stated that because it was a slow evening, she wore an Airpod to keep herself "entertained."

Man in back of car orders food from McDonald's drive-thru and makes fun of the employee serving him | Photo: TikTok/yglingling



This did not sit well with the men, who then proceeded to ask for her name and a number with which they could contact corporate.

Instead, the employee's manager purportedly dialed for police to take care of the rude men. This seemed to affect the group as they quickly left the fast-food outlet.

A group of men record and disrespect a McDonald's employee who tried to take their food order | Photo: TikTok/yglingling



Netizens jumped in to defend the employee, with people indicating that it was "not okay to make fun of her job." Others noted that these men were driving in a cheap car and suggested they probably didn't even have their own jobs.

Many online community members were outraged by the men's actions, but not everyone sided with the McDonald's employee. Some users condemned the TikToker for using Airpods while working.

Comment section of video where TikToker recorded a group of men as they insulted her while she tried to take their order | Photo: TikTok/yglingling



One commentator blamed the employee for the incident and stated that she "should know [her] place as a worker.” Despite this, the majority of the online debate was in support of the worker.

Netizens told her: “You go, girl! Don’t ever be ashamed of your hustle.” The TikToker was also praised because she demonstrated immense patience and didn't take hasty action.

Comment section of video where McDonald's employee showed footage of men who insulted her at drive-thru window | Photo: TikTok/yglingling



Users indicated that they would have acted very differently if they were placed in a similar situation. One person asked the McDonald's worker why she didn't "just throw water or ice on them."

The men, whom some called "little boys," showed that there is still a need to address the disrespectful behavior toward workers who are simply trying to earn an honest living.

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