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Uber Eats Driver Caught Stealing Customer's Food and Putting It in His Own Container

Brittany Chalmers
Aug 11, 2021
01:40 P.M.
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When an Uber Eats driver decided to steal a portion of food from a customer's order this month, he didn't think anyone was watching—but he was wrong. In a now-viral clip, netizens called him out for his shocking behavior.


Ordering food has never been easier than now, but this efficient method has a few drawbacks. When placing an order, the customer is at the mercy of the delivery service.

If an Uber Eats driver decides to tamper with your meal, customers would have no way of knowing unless someone caught them on candid camera. A TikToker recently exposed a driver, and it caused major upset online.

Uber Eats driver can be seen as he purportedly steals food from a customer's order and dishes it into his own container | Photo: Tiktok/sarahfromflorida



In a clip captioned: "I wish I could unsee this," a TikToker shared the disturbing footage of a driver who is allegedly stealing a customer's food with his bare hands and in broad daylight.

He also proceeded to lick his fingers while he was busy. The man worked quickly as he dished some of the meal into his own container. He even used a stapler to reseal the packaging so the unaware customer would not suspect foul play.



With hundreds of thousands of reactions, @sarahfromflorida's claims garnered lots of attention. She indicated that the food delivery service confirmed that the man was one of their delivery drivers.

Many netizens questioned why the TikToker didn't approach the driver and say something.

When someone suggested that the customer might have canceled the food order, many netizens shut them down and provided reasons against this claim.

Commentators leave comments of disdain under video of driver who allegedly stole customers food | Photo: TikTok/sarahfromflorida



They pointed out that the driver put the half-full containers back into the order's original brown paper bag. He carefully removed bits from each dish to avoid being caught out.

One user added:

“Watch the entire video. He staples the bag with the receipt in the end again. No reason to be doing all that if it was canceled.”

Netizens share their opinions about footage that claims Uber Eats driver stole customers food prior to delivery | Photo: TikTok/sarahfromflorida



Many netizens questioned why the TikToker didn't approach the driver and say something. The poster shared that her friend recorded the video and was apprehensive about confronting the driver. Instead, they reported the incident to Uber Eats.

A spokesperson for the food delivery service spoke with the Daily Dot and called the driver's behavior "completely unacceptable." They added that the driver's access to the app had been revoked.

Comments by online community members who are upset by footage of driver who purportedly stole customers food | Photo: TikTok/sarahfromflorida



While netizens were glad the Uber Eats driver was reprimanded, a few were still concerned that others might be doing the same. Users urged citizens to avoid food deliveries. People suggested alternatives such as pre-ordering and self-collection.

One user asked: "People still use food delivery services!?!?" Another added: "This is exactly why I never have and never will use a food delivery service." Regardless of these opinions, many still appreciate Uber Eats because of its ease and efficiency.