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Daily Joke: Man Is Stranded on an Island with a Married Couple and Sets His Sights on the Woman

Ayesha Muhammad
Aug 26, 2021
10:20 P.M.
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A man landed on a deserted island after surviving a devastating shipwreck. He looked around for help and started screaming SOS at the top of his voice, hoping someone would hear him. However, his call for help was returned with silence.


After tiring himself running around aimlessly for hours, he sat down, physically and emotionally compromised. Suddenly, he heard human voices coming from a distance, so he immediately mustered up the strength to get up and started walking.

The stranger fell for the man's wife, who was much younger in age and gorgeous. | Photo: Shutterstock

The stranger fell for the man's wife, who was much younger in age and gorgeous. | Photo: Shutterstock


Much to his astonishment, he ran into a married couple who had been stranded on the island for years. The husband looked like a grumpy, middle-aged man with drooping shoulders and a long beard, but his wife was much younger than him and very beautiful.

The moment he locked eyes with her, he could feel electric sparks and a chemistry that was nearly impossible to shake away. However, he couldn't act on his impulses because the woman was married and her husband stood right next to her.

He talked to the couple for a while and narrated how he had landed on the island. Throughout the conversation, he couldn't keep his eyes away from the woman's face, but he still managed to keep himself composed so as not to get caught by her husband. After a while, the husband turned to the stranger and said:


"Hey, man. Do you see that tall coconut tree over there? We should take turns all day climbing it to the top and seeing if any ships are approaching that could rescue us."

The stranger flashed a warm smile and responded, "Say no more, friend. I'll take the first watch!" Soon afterward, he quickly climbed up the tree.

The stranded man climbed the coconut tree and his comment shocked the married couple. | Photo: Pexels

The stranded man climbed the coconut tree and his comment shocked the married couple. | Photo: Pexels


A few minutes passed, and the stranger shouted from the top of the tree, "Hey, guys! Come on now! Stop making love down there! I can see you!"

The married couple was dumbfounded, and screamed back in response, "What? We're not making love!"

"Oh, crap...my bad...it just really looks like it from up here," cried the stranger.

Nearly three hours passed, and the stranger sat on the top of the coconut tree, telling the couple several times to stop making love. The couple was puzzled by his odd behavior and declined to do anything of that sort.

Eventually, he got down from the tree and the husband went to take his turn. However, the moment he climbed up the tree, he saw his wife making love to the stranger. He couldn't believe his eyes, and immediately screamed,


"Goddamn, it DOES look like they're making love down there."

Indeed the stranger devised a clever trick!

Had fun reading this joke? Here's another to make you giggle even more, and this one's about a man who was stranded on a deserted island for 10 years. One day, a gorgeous woman swam to the shore and offered him the most exquisite things.

Source: Reddit

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