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Women Are Denied Entry into Nightclub over 'Inappropriate' Footwear

Dayna Remus
Sep 24, 2021
02:30 P.M.
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A group of friends was stranded outside of a club after being banished for wearing inappropriate footwear. One infuriated TikToker was not about to let this slide, deciding to take aggressive action.


Annabel Kershaw posted a clip on her TikTok account complaining about a nightclub called "History" in Manchester, England. Looking forward to having a night out with her friends, the young woman was allegedly not let in due to her shoes.

Taking to the video, Kershaw appeared to be dressed up suitably for a night out. She warned others not to go to this club, seemingly implying that it was sexist towards women based on their clothing.

Pictures of TikToker Annabel Kershaw combined with a snapshot of a group of ladies’ legs and feet wearing flat footwear. | Source: tiktok.com/annabelkershaw


The TikToker's reasoning was because they were not letting in women without heels. The TikTok user also opened up about what she saw as a double-standard, exclaiming:

"Lads are ...let in with trainers..., but girls, if you're not wearing heels – even if you're wearing sandals – you're not allowed in."

She quickly zoomed in on what was assumably her friend's shoes that were deemed inappropriate. In the overlay text, Kershaw expressed that it was a complete joke.

Individual commenting on a post by Annabel Kershaw. | Source: tiktok.com/annabelkershaw


The post has gone viral with just over 1,000 comments. These remarks mainly consist of those who agree with Kershaw's annoyance while others have opposing opinions.

She pointed out to the manager that a white child was practically donning the same outfit.

A significant number thought she was overreacting, stating that it was normal for nightclubs to expect individuals to wear specific shoewear. Many disagreed, expressing that these standards have become quite relaxed over time.

Individual commenting on a post by Annabel Kershaw. | Source: tiktok.com/annabelkershaw


Some commenters also emphasized how painful it can be to dance in heels the entire night, asking those who have never done it to hold back their judgments. However, TikToker Teigan Boreman proposed a simple solution:

"It's honestly not that deep just bring slides with you and swap inside. 😂"

Beyond all the serious discussions, some wanted to know where they got their shoes. The clip has accumulated nearly 58,000 likes so far.


These awkward incidents are not unique to nightclubs. In 2019, Joselyn Lewis from Houston, Texas, claimed that a local school would not let her in due to her apparent inappropriate attire, expressing:

"She went on to say that she still couldn't let me on the premises because I was not in dress code."

Lewis alleged that they told her that her dress was not long enough and her headscarf didn't meet the dress code. This mom was simply trying to enroll her daughter.


Kids, unfortunately, are not immune to this. In 2020, in Baltimore, an African American child and mother were asked to leave an Ouzo Bay restaurant because of how her 9-year-old was dressed, even though a caucasian child was wearing similar clothes.

Mom Marcia Grant shared a video of the incident where she pointed out to the manager that a white child was practically donning the same outfit. Nevertheless, the manager persisted.

The company in charge of the restaurant is the Atlas Restaurant Group, and they have since let go of two of the managers at the eatery. They also released an official apology.


This mother's experience and the women treated differently reflect a theory of prejudice attached to clothing. Two high school students decided to experiment with this idea.

They documented their day at school wearing similar outfits to prove that the dress code was biased toward females. In a TikTok video, Drew Jarding, a young man, saw no consequences.

Meanwhile, his female companion Kenzie Crimmins was disciplined for her attire, with the staff claiming that her clothes were too revealing. Mindsets from both sides of the clothing war continue to battle it out.