Mom Refuses to Leave Marathon after Losing, So Policeman Leads Her by the Hand to Finish Line

Ayesha Muhammad
Oct 15, 2021
05:00 P.M.

A woman refused to quit a marathon when she was left in the last place due to her worsening health condition. When an officer saw her unwavering faith, he not only gave her a helping hand but also ensured she reached the finish line.


Battling with physical and emotional health issues can sometimes take its toll on people, leading to severe anxiety, depression, and alarmingly low levels of self-confidence and motivation.

While dietary and lifestyle changes can help people stay active and healthy, one has to work on their willpower and inner drive to be able to achieve their targets.

Asia pictured with her son Terrence and Lt. Gregory after reaching the finishing line. | Photo: twitter.com/louisvillemayor

Asia pictured with her son Terrence and Lt. Gregory after reaching the finishing line. | Photo: twitter.com/louisvillemayor


Motivational Speaker and blogger Asia Ford's weight-loss journey began shortly after her then-husband lost a limb due to diabetes. After shedding 200lbs, she decided to take part in a race. But, she made one small mistake that morning, which she explained:

"I messed up and forgot to eat this morning."

At the time, Asia was recovering from bouts of pneumonia but didn't step back from her decision to participate in the marathon. She said she was largely doing it for her children, who had already gone through a lot seeing their father struggle.


However, she began feeling dizzy and weak after crossing the fourth mile and was attended by a team of paramedics who asked her to rest. The ever-so-determined Asia refused to quit, and it was then that a cop noticed her, sharing the incident with WAVE 3:

“I said I’m not going to let her stop, we’re going to do this together. So I got out and I grabbed her hand. I had to meet this inspirational woman.”

Lieutenant Aubrey Gregory then stepped forward, took Asia's hand, and began covering the remaining distance with her. As they completed the race, he even narrated stories of his late mother who had also died because of diabetes.

Asia pictured with her son Terrence and Lt. Gregory after finishing the marathon. | Photo: YouTube.com/USA Today

Asia pictured with her son Terrence and Lt. Gregory after finishing the marathon. | Photo: YouTube.com/USA Today

As if that wasn't enough, Gregory ensured Asia saw the finish line when she finally completed the 10K marathon in Louisville, Kentucky. The duo was then joined by her son, Terrence Ford, who appreciated the cop's efforts. Talking further, Gregory revealed:


"I let her [Asia Ford] go right there before the end."

Asia expressed she could have never expected a police officer to come to her rescue and was glad she had found her "angel" at the right time and place.


Talking about his mother, Terrence shared that she had always been a source of inspiration for him and he was particularly awestruck by the way she had lost her weight.

At one time, Asia had weighed more than 474 pounds, but her incessant commitment, drive, and focus enabled her to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle for the sake of her kids.

Asia continues to inspire people of every age and gender and her heart-touching story is truly one that will always be remembered fondly.

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