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Kim Richards Was Tragically Forced to Listen to Her Fiancé’s Assassination When She Was 27

Olawale Ogunjimi
Oct 21, 2021
02:00 A.M.

On-screen goddess Kim Richards has had quite an eventful life, including her successful career and a few tragic events, and she has managed to come out victorious. Meet the woman who witnessed her fiancé's assassination.


Kim Richards has an impressive portfolio. The Hollywood celebrity has been on TV longer than she can remember, as she was introduced to the big screens as a baby.

Over the years, she has starred in various onscreen productions and has racked up a high level of popularity with her audiences.

Kim Richards in a publicity portrait on  December 3, 1969 [left]. Juliet Mills, Kim Richards, Trent Lehman, Richard Long, David Doremus in a group picture[right] | Photo: Getty Images

Kim Richards in a publicity portrait on December 3, 1969 [left]. Juliet Mills, Kim Richards, Trent Lehman, Richard Long, David Doremus in a group picture[right] | Photo: Getty Images

Richards was away for some time to look after her family before making an epic comeback in a 2006 blockbuster titled "Black Snake Moan," where she played the role of a vengeful estranged mother.

In reality, Richards has faced incidents that might have tampered with her temperament. The actress is not a hateful person but has a past full of unfortunate happenings, and maintaining her balance is an impressive feat on its own.

Kim Richards on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" Season 14 in January 2017 | Photo: Getty Images

Kim Richards on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" Season 14 in January 2017 | Photo: Getty Images


Hollywood star Kim Richards is of Irish, English, and Welsh descent, but she was born in New York. She has a long list of successes ranging from films, shows, and commercials.

A few months after her birth, her mother, Mary Dugan, quickly introduced her to entertainment — a baby Richards was the star of a diaper commercial. Before her fourth birthday, she became a staple in the entertainment industry with over 15 onscreen credits.


As she advanced in age, she bagged more features on TV and is currently on the reality TV show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," where she is famous for her inseparable bond with her pitbull, Kingsley.


Richards, an ageless beauty, possessed an astonishingly gorgeous appearance during her younger years, and like many celebrities, she had a legion of admirers.


Also, her romance was not private or mysterious. The tabloids regularly ran stories on her lovers and the time she shared with them.

After separating from one of her former flames at 27, she fell head over heels for another man named John Collett. At the time, she had just concluded a job on Disney's "Escape From Witch Mountain."


Collett was three years her senior, and he worked as a securities broker and lived a lavish lifestyle. Richards's new man resided in his mansion in Malibu.

The pair wasted no time in getting acquainted and soon became engaged. Before meeting the celebrity, Collett's job title was a stereo salesman. He later joined the chain of illicit activities, which earned him affluence.

He played a significant role in one of the country's major scams and his victims were about eight thousand elderly investors, with nearly one hundred and fifty million dollars in losses.


That was not all; the actress was involved with a man under investigation after he made it to the suspect list of the authorities for illegally selling shares in oil and gas leases.

Despite the alleged crimes levied on Collett, what happened to him shook the celebrity's fans, as it affected Richards, who was a witness.



Collett was pronounced dead on October 28, 1991, shortly after his phone conversation with his soon-to-be bride. The engaged couple was on the phone while Collett visited Brent's Deli in the Northridge area to have lunch.

During their lovey-dovey hour, an unidentified person walked in and shot Collet in the head. Sources confirmed that the deceased was shot two times by an assassin who had been offered 30,000 dollars to kill him.


After the incident, Richards called the Deli to ask about her boyfriend; the actress described his physique and tried to source for details that could help find him.

Although she was forced to listen to the assassination on the phone, the actress found it hard to believe that the love of her life had been murdered.

The episode was devastating; the people around confirmed that she acted dramatically and was bothered by his death for a long time.



At the time of the crime, the hitman was unidentified, but after investigations were conducted, the authorities captured a man named Marva DeCarlo Johnson.

He was found guilty and sentenced to 30-years-to-life. The prosecutors on the case argued that taking out the deceased was a paid job, but they failed to reveal evidence or names of sponsors who paid Johnson.



Richards found it challenging to let go of her deceased fiancé, especially the last memories of him. Even his mother, Jan Collett, recounted that her son's former fiancèe was very in love with him and they were a perfect match.

The woman revealed that the actress has a heart of gold and was visibly in pain for a long time. It has been over three decades since the incident, and she still misses Collett, who could have been her Knight in shining armor if he had lived.



Before meeting Collett, Richards was married twice to two different men with whom she shared four kids. Her first husband was Monty Brinson; they were together for four years, and she cared for him when he was diagnosed with cancer.

However, Richards reportedly cheated on him with John Davis and later married John's brother, Gregg Davis. The pair went their separate ways in 1991.

Despite her unfaithfulness and a failed marriage with Brinson, the pair maintained a close relationship until he died in 2016. She mourned her ex-husband with a public statement, admitting that they were buddies until death snatched him away.


As far as her love life goes, she is yet to find Mr. Right but has been involved with a few men either for money or for love; whichever way, the relationship never lasted.

She once dated Ken Blumenfield, and family members were distraught about their relationship. Eventually, Blumenfield was arrested for a DUI in 2009, leading to the end of their relationship.

With the controversies surrounding her love life, many may find it hard to believe that she has a good relationship with her kids.

The truth is parenthood appears to be going well for the mother of four until six years ago when one of her children was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and it left her devastated.

Above all, Richards seems to be in a good place, focused on having the best time with family, staying healthy, and looking ageless while padding her resume at 57!

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