October 22, 2021

Dedicated Teacher Reads Her Students a Bedtime Story a Day after Undergoing Brain Surgery

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Despite being in intensive care after going through a delicate surgery, this teacher made every effort to be the best educator out there, taking to Facebook Live where she could be close to her students. 

Teachers have one of the most demanding jobs. They work long hours to shape and educate the minds of future generations while practicing patience with sometimes difficult parents and children daily.

With such a demanding vocation, it's no wonder that some educators may burn out or put less effort into their job. Nevertheless, most of them tend to shine no matter what. If anyone exemplifies this tenacity, it's 4th grade Pennsylvania teacher Mrs. K.D. Meucci. 


Mrs. K.D. Meucci reading to her students after brain surgery. | Source: Pittsburgh


This educator, who works at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, created a special and closed Facebook group called Franklin Bedtime Stories. This group is a space where educators and students can meet up online and read bedtime stories together. 


Meucci recently learned she had a brain tumor which she claimed was probably not serious and went in for surgery. Following the removal of the tumor, many would assume that this hard worker would take some time to rest and heal.

Mrs. K.D. Meucci eating in a Facebook video. | Source: Pittsburgh



However, the teacher focused on her students instead, not letting the procedure get in the way of the bedtime stories. Taking to Facebook Live a day after the operation and while still in hospital with a swollen face, she read "Mr. Walker Steps Out" by Lisa Graff. In the clip, Meucci expressed

“I know I look a little weird...they cut open my head right here to take out my brain tumor.” 

She let her students know she loves and misses them. The educator told her 4th graders she was completely fine and wanted them to know that. Meucci appeared to be telling the truth, with the doctors stating they are pretty sure that the whole tumor was removed. 



Meucci appears to have a close and healthy relationship with her 4th graders. However, when do educators step over the line and become over-involved?

One teacher may have done so when she scolded a mother over what her child should and should not eat. However, the online world wasn't all on the same page when the mother's friend shared this story online. 



Tankard Reist posted a picture of a note given to the mother by the teacher, criticizing her for giving her child a chocolate slice. Reist said that her companion regularly provides her children with healthy food. 

Some netizens were outraged, stating that the educator overstepped, while others claimed the parent should follow the school's regulations around food. Whose side are you taking? 


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