November 13, 2021

Cleaning Staff Finds Baby Abandoned in Gym Bag–Medical Staff Calls the Infant Miracle Child

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An infant was discovered alive and healthy after being abandoned in a duffel bag for approximately eighteen hours. Surviving the ordeal led medical experts to dub him "the miracle baby."

The police in Chamblee, Georgia, rescued a baby boy abandoned in a duffel bag for hours, after being notified by cleaning staff.

According to reports, the infant, who still had his umbilical cord attached, was discovered by one of the cleaners at the Family Medical Clinic on Buford Highway, Horace Thomas.

A policewoman and a newborn [left], and Horace Thomas [right] | Photo:


Shocked, the cleaning staff dialed 911, alerting them of his discovery. Within minutes, the clinic was bustling with emergency responders working to rescue the baby and investigate the incident.

It was gathered that the baby was left in a blue canvas gym bag, at the entryway, outside the medical facility just after midnight on the said day. The bag was strategically positioned on top of a lab collection box.

The bag remained at the location until a staff member noticed it and took it in the facility, thinking it belonged to a patient. The unsuspecting staff thought nothing suspicious about the discovery, and hence, failed to open the bag.



The newborn remained inside the duffel bag without nourishment or attention throughout the day. Finally, at the close of working hours, the cleaners set to work, tidying up the facility. 

That was when Thomas, an African-American man in his sixties, discovered the out-of-place object. Listening closely, he heard the cries of a baby. The man explained:

"I stood and listened for a while, kept going, kept going, 'That's a baby in there!' I was so shocked, didn't touch anything."


Emergency responders immediately transferred the child to Scottish Rite Hospital for urgent medical attention. Following a series of examinations and treatment, medical experts deduced that the boy, who weighed just under five pounds, may have been born prematurely. 

Despite his harrowing 18-hour ordeal, the survivor responded to treatment and soon began his journey to full recovery. Seeing the baby defy the odds and live through the ordeal left doctors amazed. Lt. Jason Waasdor[of Chamblee Police Department divulged:

"It's amazing that the baby was there for 18 hours and medical personnel say he's going to be okay. He's going to make it."


A netizen's comment on the heartwarming video | Photo:

The boy's surprising endurance level and recovery earned him the name "Miracle Baby." The Department of Family and Children Services took custody of the child soon after.

Meanwhile, authorities began a statewide search for the child's mom, who was required to present proof of identity beforehand.

As per the law in Georgia guiding newborn drop-offs in "safe-havens," the mom was faced with charges related to child endangerment, child abandonment, or child neglect for not following procedures.


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