November 19, 2021

Vietnam War Vet Gets First Smartphone, Decides to Solve 53-Year-Old Mystery about a Man He Saved

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After he went through an extremely violent encounter with a fellow human being, one man chose to track him down. Nevertheless, it remained a mystery how this stranger would react when Dale Edge knocked on his door. 

Edge is a passionate farmer based in Ashland, Illinois. He enjoys his vocation, Edge says, because he doesn't have to answer to anyone but himself. 

Meanwhile, in the state of Minnesota, Fred Kjorlien spends his days working for Great Steps. This company manufactures orthotic and prosthetic apparatus. Kjorlien is an amputee himself. 

Dale Edge speaking to someone via a call using a smartphone. │Source: News



Beyond his ability to relate to customers, this amputee's condition is what connects him to Edge, where, on the surface, these two men appear to have no similarities. 

This bond can help us heal deep wounds.

However, Kjorlien lost his leg in a firefight during the Vietnam War. His fellow soldier and military veteran Edge helped him remain calm and tended to his leg while they waited for the medics to arrive. 

Dale Edge as a young man in the army. │Source: News



The farmer always wondered if Kjorlien survived, and with the help of a new smartphone, he finally got his answer. Recently, with the use of this phone, Edge managed to do some research and ultimately contact Kjorlien. When the amputee answered the phone, he recollected

"I said, 'Dale, I got to be really honest, I don't know who you are.' He said, 'It's been 53 years so I can understand that.'"

Eager to meet the man that could have contributed to him still breathing, Kjorlien got in his car and drove over 560 miles for a long-overdue reunion.



The duo spent a weekend catching up as they spoke about their time spent at war, and emotions began to rise. Edge said meeting his long-lost co-veteran was as if God had answered his prayers. The farmer expressed


"I don't know how many times I prayed for that man."

Fred Kjorlien tearing up. │Source: News

Whether it's war, abuse, a car crash, or any traumatic incident, having someone to connect to who went through a similar event can make you feel less alone. This bond can help us heal deep wounds so that we can transform our lives. 


A picture of Jack Le Vine at a honorary celebration organized by his neighbors | Photo: Getty Images



A compassionate group of neighbors ensured that one veteran received this human connection. The 96-year-old thought he'd spend Veterans Day alone, but his fellow residents didn't let that happen.

His neighbors went the extra mile, throwing the retired army personnel Jack Le Vine an honorary celebration. This commemoration all started when one of the residents in his area showed support for him on the community bulletin board, 

Soldiers with the flag at a veterans memorial | Photo: Pexels

She asked those in the local community to leave a gift for Vine on Veterans Day, to which neighbors responded in droves. His property was surrounded by cards, flags, flowers, and so much more.

If Edge, Kjorlien, and these fellow neighbors know anything, it's that reaching out to someone and making them feel significant and seen is always worth the effort.

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