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Theresa Caputo 'Never Thought' about Remarrying before Separating from Her Husband of 28 Years

Joe Akins
Dec 14, 2021
07:20 A.M.

Long Island Couple Theresa and Larry Caputo's marriage started falling apart soon after completing another season of "Long Island Medium."


Larry and Theresa Caputo were longtime sweethearts. They started dating when Theresa was 18 years old before the lovebirds eventually tied the knot. Soon after their marriage, they added two children Larry Jr. and Victoria, to their family.

The family has appeared on multiple episodes of "Long Island Medium'' due to Theresa's work as a medium, someone who speaks to the dead, and her involvement in the reality show.

A pucture of the famed  Long Island couple, Theresa and Larry Caputo | Photo: Getty Images

A pucture of the famed Long Island couple, Theresa and Larry Caputo | Photo: Getty Images

Her husband Larry stood by her while she was figuring out her ability to speak with the dead, which resulted in her having anxiety attacks.

Larry refused to break up with her because of the issue; instead, he became her anchor during those moments. It felt like their marriage would last forever until Theresa revealed the couple was experiencing strains in their marriage.




Theresa Caputo told reporters that her relationship with her husband Larry had changed. Even though they had been through thick and thin together for several years, they were currently in a rough patch, and she was struggling to understand it.

Theresa explained she had changed, and so had Larry, they were both unhappy, and it was hard for them to work through that as a couple. It was not easy talking about it, but it has reached a point where she has to accept that things change.


She would sometimes lay in bed questioning why and how things got so bad. Theresa admitted that her career as a medium negatively affected every relationship in her life. However, it is not the only reason her marriage suffered.

However, the medium star expressed she was grateful and blessed for how far her career has come during lunch with her family and admitted she would not change a thing. Although things were hard during those moments, she tried the best she could.



Theresa officially filed for divorce on April 16, and at the time, the couple lived separately. Larry was living in Los Angeles while Theresa stayed in New York. The couple retained hopes of reconciliation while they worked on their relationship slowly.

Sadly, Theresa and her husband Larry Caputo released a joint statement in December 2017 announcing their divorce after 28 years of marriage.

Theresa and Larry Caputo leave the "Good Day New York" taping at the Fox 5 Studios on September 6, 2012| Photo: Getty Images

Theresa and Larry Caputo leave the "Good Day New York" taping at the Fox 5 Studios on September 6, 2012| Photo: Getty Images

The document released reiterated their love and support for one another and their kids despite their divorce. They also requested privacy from both media and fans.

A year after the announcement, Theresa told People their divorce had been finalized. However, she explained that they would continue to be friends and support each other.




Speaking to Us Magazine, Theresa explained that she was still mourning her divorce from her husband, Larry Caputo. The medium star said she missed being married to him, but she does not overlook how the relationship ended.

Theresa was grieving her almost thirty-four-year relationship with Larry. Still, she explained she does not have a hard time seeing him with other people after their separation because he was happy.

Being happy is what everyone wants out of life, she explained. "We always have to love, honor, and respect one another, and she and Larry are doing all that for each other. "


The reality star explained she would be putting herself first after her divorce since she got married at a young age and has not experienced life outside of being married to Larry.

Theresa would be living solo and figuring the world and its adventures alone. She would also consider dating but is unsure if she would ever get married again.

The mother of two revealed she had never thought of getting married for the second time because she felt content and blessed with her life.



After his separation from ex-wife Theresa, the father of two moved to Santa Monica, California. Larry was formerly in the food importing business before appearing alongside Theresa on "Long Island Medium."

Larry seemingly picked that line of work up again after he revealed via his social media that he was working on creating a new Chianti wine called "Lorenzo Caputo." He also proudly shared photos of a possible look for the wine label.

During an appearance on season 13 of "Long Island Medium," and during an episode, Larry explained his move to California has allowed him to work on himself. He is also now living stress-free. Larry was enjoying riding his motorcycle and working out in the gym.


Larry also told TMZ he had been blessed enough to meet a new lady, but he did not mention any specific names. He was later seen shopping with a woman named Connie Stauddy.

The lady reportedly met him after she reached out to get a reading from Theresa. Larry also recently uploaded a picture of himself and a woman he tagged as his baby boo but later deleted the post.

He would reportedly continue to appear in season 14 of "Long Island Medium" but not as the main star even after his divorce from Theresa.



On a podcast with People Daily, Theresa revealed she had a new man in her life. The medium star announced that COVID-19 played a vital role in strengthening her romantic relationship.

She explained they became exclusive during the lockdown, and it was a bit unexpected. Theresa explained she would not be revealing her lover's identity just yet because it is hard to be public-facing.

Theresa explained she would be including her new partner in her decision-making moving forward because it was something she did with her kids and ex-husband.

The mother of two declared her new partner has kids and family to consider but that she may reveal his identity sometime in the future.

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