Girl Struggles to Make Ends Meet Working 3 Jobs While Mother Neglects Her and Leads Rich Life

Rita Kumar
Dec 16, 2021
07:40 A.M.
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A young girl struggled to make ends meet working three jobs, while her mother, who led a wealthy life, constantly neglected her and purposely refused to buy her any food. 


A divorced mom of three led a lavish lifestyle while starving her daughter at home. Having waited enough, the daughter posted her harrowing experience on social media, citing, “I really need your help.” 

Redditor Casrok had always known her mother as an authoritative woman pining for power. When she failed, the mother had the odd habit of venting her frustration on her children. However, little did the Redditor know that her mom would take it out on her in the most unthinkable way due to a fallout with her brother. 

OP constantly returned home to an empty kitchen void of any groceries | Photo: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP)’s mother constantly fed lies to her children about their estranged dad. Because of this, OP’s then-16-year-old brother cut contact with their father, leaving him shattered. 

However, OP’s brother grew up realizing how his mother manipulated him and eventually communicated with his dad. OP thought it would end in beautiful family reconciliation, but that’s not how her mom thought. The mother was furious and vented her frustration on OP, her brother, and their dad.

She’d even tried convincing them that their dad’s girlfriend was a gold-digger, but neither of them believed her. Unable to take more of their mother’s antics, OP’s brother often slept at his girlfriend’s place, unaware of how his mother would take it out on his poor sister. 


OP's mother was authoritative and would often vent her frustration on anyone who failed to abide by her words | Photo: Pexels

OP stayed home with her younger sister, 11, and her mom. But since her sister was their mother’s avid disciple, OP didn’t have anybody to side with her. 


OP's mom didn't work and heavily relied on easy money from her boyfriend and ex-husband to fund her wealthy life.

OP amassed nothing more than disregard from the two. Her mom constantly turned a deaf ear to her “hellos” and “good nights.” The girl was hurt, but she hoped her mom would reciprocate with love. To her dismay, the situation worsened with time. 

OP was constantly ignored by her mother and sister | Photo: Pexels


OP's mother regularly dined out with her wealthy boyfriend, while OP starved at home while working three jobs. OP had no money as she had paid for her ballet exam and was still waiting for payments for her previous performances. 

Whenever she returned home after training, she’d be left alone to battle her hunger in their near-empty kitchen. At one point, OP thought her mother did it intentionally.  

Despite knowing living with her dad would make her life much easier and stress-free, OP decided not to take the easy way out. She then turned to social media to seek guidance if she needed to change her ways.  

OP's mom always dined out with her wealthy boyfriend while she starved at home | Photo: Pexels


Several Redditors advised her to move in with her dad instead of sorting her differences with her mother. One user wrote:

“You are not making yourself a stronger, better person by putting yourself through hardship. You are just making yourself a sadder and more damaged person. Just move in with your dad and protect yourself.”

“Get out of that house and live with people who care about you...Leave, OP, just leave and be happy,” Redditor NewsWritingInterview advised. Having grasped some insight from social media, OP decided to take a wise step forward. 

OP decided to move out | Photo: Pexels


She moved in with her dad, but her leaving didn’t impact her mother. OP found it strange that her mother was ignoring her, as if she didn't care, when she used to complain about OP's father for doing the same thing to them. 

OP’s mom didn’t work and heavily relied on easy money from her boyfriend and ex-husband to fund her wealthy life. She’d even used her children’s child support but had often accused her ex of not providing for his children. 

OP concluded she was thankful to the online community for helping her understand how living with her dad may be the easy way out and probably the smartest thing to do. In the end, her dad decided to hand out child support to OP and her brother directly. 


OP moved in with her dad | Photo: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

Was OP right to leave her mother and move in with her father?


OP initially decided she would stay with her mother, refusing to take the easy way out by moving in with her father.  But she eventually opted to move out and stay with her father. Do you think she made the right decision?

Do you think OP's father is partly to blame for OP's struggles at home? 

While OP's mother may be at fault for neglecting her daughter who lives with her, OP's father appears not to be too involved too in OP's life. If he was, then he would be aware that his daughter had been starving for food while her mother dined luxuriously and he would have been able to help her. But it appeared like OP was all on her own. 

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