Woman Helps Homeless Widower, Stunned When She Meets Him Again 14 Years Later

Dayna Remus
Dec 29, 2021
10:40 P.M.

One moment Will Levens was enjoying the perfect life with his beautiful wife. Suddenly he found himself digging through trash, addicted to heroin, and all alone with no hope in sight - at least so he thought.


Levens, absolutely devastated by the death of his spouse, chose to try heroin once and became instantly addicted. His reliance on the substance led him to lose his home and employment. Levens expressed:

“The love of my life for 13 and a half years passed away and I began to hate everything and everyone.”



This left the once stable and married man without a home, digging in a dumpster and searching for recyclables, where, in 2005, paramedic Jeanah Nomelli from California found him.

Neither of the two could have imagined what impact that single meeting would have on both of them going forward.

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Will Levens and Jeanah Nomelli. │Source: facebook.com/jeanah.nomelli

Will Levens and Jeanah Nomelli. │Source: facebook.com/jeanah.nomelli


The duo's story was posted on Facebook, with Nomelli stating that she and Levens became close, saying that they were always there for one another. She shared:


"We helped each other through a few tough times by offering advice and life experience."

After getting to know her new companion better, Nomelli chose to help him build a new life. She gave him a jacket and a pair of boots with $7.00 for an I.D which he promised he would not use to buy heroin.



Sadly, after she provided him with this cash, Levens disappeared, leaving the paramedic to fear for the worst. Nomelli recollected that she genuinely believed he used it for purchasing drugs.

However, one day, 14 years later, in 2019, the Facebook user was casually walking through a store. She turned around to see a man with tears in his eyes, looking straight at her.



It turned out; she penned, that he had kept his word, getting an I.D, employment, and even remarrying. She wrote that they both unabashedly cried and then asked the clerk to take their picture.

The post went viral, attracting attention from all corners of the internet. It has received 156,000 reactions, 38,000 shares, and 4,400 comments.



This comment section was filled with many individuals saying what a fantastic person Nomelli is. Some also shared related stories, whether good or bad. Rebecca Gonzales penned:

"I want this for my daughter. She is an addict but no matter what I Love her unconditional. [sic]"

Fellow Facebookers remarked that the post brought tears to their eyes. They stated that the story was an inspiration for everyone and was an example of the power of kindness.

Individual’s comments on a Facebook post by Love What Matters.│Source: facebook.com/lovewhatreallymatters

Individual’s comments on a Facebook post by Love What Matters.│Source: facebook.com/lovewhatreallymatters


Nomelli reiterated the strength and potential that compassion can bring to the world, saying that this is why she chose to share the story. The paramedic expressed:

"Kindness can change the course of someone’s world. You may never know it, but Will is proof of that."

When was the last time you took a moment to lend a helping hand to a fellow human being? However small they may seem, these gestures can significantly influence over time.

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