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Nurse Helps to Save Preemie Boy's Life, Later Adopts Him When His Mother Gives Him Up

Brittany Litster
Jan 13, 2022
10:40 A.M.

When a nurse helped with an emergency c-section, she instantly connected with the premature baby. She was 25 years old and never imagined becoming a mother, but it was meant to be.


Claire Mills was in her second week of work at Houston Methodist Medical Center in Texas when she met someone that would change her life forever.

The young nurse had recently bought a house in Sugarland and had no intention of starting a family. As a single woman, she held jobs at different hospitals to keep up with her mortgage payments.

A nurse and the baby she adopted [left] A baby that was adopted by the nurse that helped deliver him [right] | Photo: twitter.com/InsideEdition   twitter.com/MayraABC13

A nurse and the baby she adopted [left] A baby that was adopted by the nurse that helped deliver him [right] | Photo: twitter.com/InsideEdition twitter.com/MayraABC13



When Mills went to work during a routine day in 2019, she helped deliver a baby and instantly bonded with him. She said: "He felt so familiar to me. I feel like I know him."

When she discovered that the biological mother could not keep the child, she felt the urge to get involved. Mills explained: "My first thought was, 'what are the logistics and how do I do this the right way?'"



While the baby was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Mills visited as much as possible. The nurse also contacted the social worker to see how the baby's case was progressing.

When Mills found out the infant had been discharged to the birth mother while she was working, the nurse was devastated. Despite her broken heart, she reached out to the social worker to see how she could assist the family.



A phone call from the birth mother caught Mills off guard. Thanks to the social worker, the birth mother discovered Mills's special connection with the baby, and the pair discussed adoption options.

Mills named the infant Jackson, and he moved in with her. While the adoption was not yet official, they were in the process. The adoptive mother shared that her son loves smiling and laughing.



The nurse added: "He's the best baby ever. I got so lucky." Mills always wanted to be a mother but never imagined adopting, and now she calls the life-changing experience "God's plan."

Mills expressed:

"I know it's meant to be so I know everything is going to work out. It has to."



Another nurse also met a patient that changed her life, baby Gisele. Liz Smith formed an instant bond with the baby in 2017 and was eager to adopt after she found out the parents didn't visit. She made it her mission, and after some time, Gisele became her adoptive daughter.

Both nurse Smith and nurse Mills met their children by chance while working in the hospital. After laying eyes on their babies, they were changed forever, and now they can give the infants the love and care they deserve.

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