Teen Reports Teacher Who Didn't Let Her Go to the Bathroom after Her Period Started

Salwa Nadeem
Jan 25, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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When a girl got her period during her online class, she messaged her male teacher asking if she could use the restroom. A week later, the school management called him for interrogation because of his unusual behavior. 


The girl shared what happened with her during the online class. Before her class, she believed her teacher was a quiet and reserved man, but her opinions changed after the incident. 

After her father and brother learned about her reaction to the incident, they made her feel guilty by saying she was at fault. She posted her story on Reddit, asking other users if she had done something wrong.

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The 16-year-old girl with the Reddit username PizzaPepparoni shared that she was attending online school from her house when the incident took place.

Her school didn't allow students to turn off their cameras to ensure everyone attended the class. However, if students wanted to use the restroom, they had to message the teacher privately, asking for permission.

Her school emailed them a form at the end of every week to get feedback from the students. They were asked to write any problems they faced during their online classes so that the school could solve the issues.

OP was attending school from home | Source: Unsplash


One day, the girl attended her mathematics class taught by Mr. T. She felt he was a strict and reserved teacher but wasn't sure If he was like that in person also.

It turned out that Mr. T had kicked her out of the online classroom.

During the class, the girl realized she had started her period. She immediately messaged Mr. T privately, seeking permission to use the restroom.

She immediately messaged her teacher | Source: Unsplash


After waiting for ten minutes, she sent him another message. She could see him in her online class, but he wasn't responding to her texts.

She confessed she had started feeling uncomfortable, so she told him why she needed to go to the restroom. To her surprise, she received a message from him, saying:

"You should have planned better. Learn to control yourself"

Mr. T replied to her message | Source: Unsplash


Stunned by his response, she tried explaining that she had no control over her period. When he ignored her response again, she got annoyed and turned off her camera.

After using the toilet, she returned to her seat and realized she couldn't access her classroom anymore. It turned out that Mr. T had kicked her out of the online classroom. She explained:

“I later found out that he had written me for switching of my camera and I was given a warning.”

She realized her teacher had kicked her out of the classroom | Source: Unsplash


When she received the feedback form at the end of the week, she wrote a complaint about Mr. T, explaining what happened in his class.

Five days later, she discovered that the school management interrogated Mr. T. Her mother, who taught in the same school, told her that multiple students complained against Mr. T, and her complaint was "the last straw."

However, when her father and brother discovered that her complaint got Mr. T into trouble, they made her feel guilty, telling her she put his job at stake. They believed she could have waited instead of complaining.

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Feeling guilty, she shared the incident on Reddit, asking other people if it was her fault. levitatingloser assured OP she wasn't at fault. However, the Redditor believed it was high time men should know that women could not "control" their period. needamemorablename replied:

"You didn't make him lose his job. If it happens, he did it to himself."

She posted her story on Reddit | Source: Pexels


Trania86 shared her experience telling her male teacher about getting her period in school. She asked her teacher if she could go back home to get clean underwear and return within ten minutes. She explained:

"We had a test that day, so I was really worried."

She confessed her teacher's face flushed red with embarrassment and allowed her to go home. He even allowed her to stay after class to finish the test if she didn't return on time. 

The Redditor's teacher allowed her to go home | Source: Unsplash


The Redditor felt she was lucky to have a teacher like him who supported her. Cgold13976 agreed and shared her story too. During class, she got her period, and her male teacher told her she was "irresponsible" for not going to the restroom before class. 

Another Redditor shared that one of her male teachers made a rule that any girl who got her period in the middle of the class could say "I gotta go," and he would let her go without asking anything. 

Most users supported OP, telling her she hadn't done anything wrong. They believed her teacher was at fault for shaming her over something not under her control. 

Another Redditor's teacher allowed girls to leave the class if they got their period | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think schools should educate male teachers on what to do when a student gets her period?

Her teacher's reply implied that he didn't know how the menstrual cycle works. Had the school educated him on what to do when a student gets their period, he would have allowed the girl to leave the classroom. What do you think? Should schools educate their male teachers about it?

Do you think men, in general, need to be educated about the menstrual cycle?

OP's father and brother also felt she could have waited instead of complaining. It seems like they were also unaware of how the menstrual cycle works. Do you think men need to be more considerate towards women regarding this issue? Do you think educating them would help?

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