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After Pregnancy Announcement, Man Received a Letter from the Woman with Whom He Was Infidel

Salwa Nadeem
Feb 16, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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Weeks after cheating on his wife, a man confessed his infidelity to her. She took some time but finally understood where he was coming from. However, things took a different turn when the man received a letter from the other woman. 


The man confessed that he regretted cheating on his wife and wasn't proud of what he had done. He felt terrible for hurting his wife. 

He also felt that his wife might not ever forgive her because what he had done was unacceptable. However, when he later received a letter from the woman he cheated on her with, he didn't know what to do next. 

The man received a letter from the woman with whom he was infidel | Source: Shutterstock


The man with the Reddit username letterofregret4451 shared that he cheated on his wife three years ago when they were in a "bad place."  He explained:

"I slept with the other woman 2 times I couldn't lie to my wife and just told her what happened."

A few weeks later, the couple discovered that they were pregnant. The news made the man realize that he needed to treat his wife better.

OP discovered his wife was pregnant | Source: Pexels


Despite his good behavior, his wife didn't trust him fully. OP believed that she would take years to trust him, or might never trust him again. 

He was afraid that his wife would be upset after reading the letter.

He also allowed her to access all his devices to know what he was up to. Everything was going well until OP checked his mailbox and saw a letter from someone he knew.

He received a letter in his mail | Source: Pexels


The letter was from the woman OP cheated with. He wrote a Reddit post, asking other people what he should do with the letter: 

"Should I give it to my wife or just throw it away, should I read it and show my wife or read it together or what."

Another Redditor suggested for OP to give the letter to his wife unopened and let her decide what to do next. 

He didn't know what to do with the letter | Source: Unsplash


To this OP replied that he was worried the letter may contain something bad that might hurt her trust. He was afraid that his wife would be upset after reading the letter. Biut another Redditor responded:

"You deal with it. It’s just a letter."

OP said he would talk to his wife about it, though he was nervous because he thought talking to his wife would worsen things for him. 

He asked other Redditors what to do with the letter | Source: Unsplash


Eventually, OP gathered the courage to show the letter to his wife. He told her about it after dinner. OP confessed she looked a little hurt when she saw the letter, adding:

"She opened it and read it and than showed it to me, it was basically the other woman asking if we could get back together and that she felt something so I must have felt something as well."

She stopped reading it once the letter went into the details of what they did together. Then, she asked OP if he was in contact with her or had any feelings for her. 

She asked OP if he was still in contact with the other woman | Source: Unsplash


The man denied having any feelings or being in contact with her. He talked about the woman for a while and regained his wife's trust. He confessed:

"I feel like I'm making progress its slow but worth it."

After reading the updated post, another Redditor warned OP that his wife might start grieving about it after reading the letter. The Redditor also asked him to support his wife and understand her feelings. 

Other Redditors felt OP's wife might feel sad after reading the letter | Source: Unsplash


OP assured he was trying his best to make his wife feel loved. She confessed that she preferred "this version" of him more after knowing how he had cheated on her. 

Some Redditors also asked OP about the other woman. He shared that she felt sad when he told her he wouldn't talk to her again. He recalled:

 "She argued with me and said really vile stuff about my wife even wishing a miscarriage on her."

The other woman wished his wife would have a miscarriage | Source: Unsplash


Meanwhile, ladylei pointed out that OP's ex might think he went back to his wife because he became a father. She suspected that's what made the other woman send a letter to her. But OP replied:

"I don't think shes under the delusion that I don't love my wife, I told her directly that it was a mistake being with her and that I love my wife and regretted what we did."

Most Redditors felt bad for OP's wife and asked him to make her feel loved. They believed she would start trusting her if he made her think she was more important than the other woman.

Other Redditors asked OP to care for his wife | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP should have shown the letter to his wife?

Some people may argue that OP should have first read the letter and discarded it without showing it to his wife to spare her more hurt. However, other people would also believe he did the right thing by making her read it. Doing so lessened his mental stress since he told his wife the truth. If you were OP, would you have done the same?

Why do you think the other woman was trying to contact him?

Some Redditors felt the other woman reached out to OP because she thought he went back to his wife only because of the baby. If his wife wasn't pregnant, he would have still been with her. What do you think made the woman contact him again? Was she serious about him?

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