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Man Sees His Newborn Baby and Shuts His Wife Out – He Later Gets a DNA Test

Salwa Nadeem
Feb 17, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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When a man saw his newborn baby's curly hair and skin color, he left his wife and the baby in the hospital. He shut his wife out until she convinced him to get a DNA test. 


The 21-year-old woman confessed that she had to face a lot of drama after giving birth to her daughter. Her relationship with her husband had also deteriorated after her daughter's birth. 

She married her husband a year after they started dating. The woman confessed everything was going well until she gave birth to their daughter.

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The woman with the Reddit username Mundane_Waltz1106 shared that everyone in the family was shocked to see her daughter because she didn't resemble her parents. She explained:

"She had darker skin, brown eyes and came out with thick dark curly hair."

On the other hand, the woman and her husband had white skin with light-colored eyes and hair. When OP's husband and mother-in-law saw the newborn girl in the hospital, they suspected OP had cheated on her husband.

Their daughter looked nothing like them | Source: Unsplash


OP shared that it was an "awful moment" in her life because she felt lonely after her husband questioned her loyalty and left her in the hospital. 

It took her a month to convince her husband to take a DNA test.

The woman shared that her mother-in-law convinced her husband to leave her in the hospital. Things got worse when her mother-in-law posted her daughter's pictures on social media. 

OP's husband left her in the hospital | Source: Unsplash


OP confessed she had no idea her mother-in-law had taken those pictures and was shocked to see her calling her a "cheater" publicly. 

After she was discharged from the hospital, OP had no place to go, so she temporarily stayed at her sister's house. She kept messaging her husband, insisting she didn't cheat on him. She recounted:

"My husband didn't reply to any of my texts ignoring my pleas to get an DNA test."

She kept messaging him but he didn't respond | Source: Unsplash


It took her a month to convince her husband to take a DNA test, and when the results proved OP was innocent, her husband started trusting her again. She recalled:

"My husband apologized profusely to me and allowed me back in our home"

However, the woman confessed that she had started feeling a little distant from her husband after he mistreated her in the hospital.

The man welcomed the woman back into their house | Source: Unsplash


But while the DNA test made her husband realize his mistake, the woman's mother-in-law was unmoved. She claimed the DNA test was fake and still believed OP had cheated on her husband. 

She kept spreading rumors about OP and passed racist remarks on her daughter. She also said she would never treat OP's daughter as her granddaughter. However, a strange incident occurred recently. OP explained:

"My mother in law asked to visit our daughter and referred to her as her granddaughter."

Her mother-in-law called to ask if she could meet her granddaughter | Source: Unsplash


OP was surprised to see her changed behavior, but she was uncomfortable allowing her mother-in-law to meet her daughter, so she refused, and her refusal didn't sit well with her husband.

He believed it was the perfect opportunity for his mother to bond with her granddaughter. He also reminded her that it was against their child's rights not to allow her to meet her grandmother. 

Despite her husband's objections, OP didn't feel comfortable allowing her mother-in-law to mingle with her daughter. She felt that way mainly because her mother-in-law never apologized for her previous behavior. 

She didn't feel comfortable allowing her mother-in-law to meet her daughter | Source: Unsplash


The woman wrote a Reddit post, asking other Redditors if she was at fault. Another Redditor named KalSmeg assured her she was not at fault and blamed her husband instead. The Redditor suggested:

"Get a divorce. any [expletive] that would do that to his wife without even getting a test is someone to be worried about"

notimefordumbfu_ks replied to the comment, agreeing that the Redditor's husband was at fault. She advised OP to get a divorce and record the racial slurs and mean behavior from her mother-in-law's side. 

Other Redditors shared their opinions in the comments section | Source: Unsplash


The Redditor pointed out that OP was in an unhealthy relationship that profoundly affected her mental well-being. She asked OP not to think that only her mother-in-law was at fault. 

Most Redditors gave OP the reassurance she needed. They felt her husband shouldn't have abandoned her in the hospital and that she shouldn't have forgiven him for it.

OP's mental well-being was at stake, according to the readers. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP's decision to prevent her mother-in-law from coming near her daughter was justified?

OP refused to allow her mother-in-law into her daughter's life after the incident despite her husband's urging. She felt her MIL owed her an apology first. If you were OP, would you do the same?

If you were OP, would you divorce your husband?

Many Redditors advised OP to get a divorce, especially since OP herself admitted she felt distant towards her husband after the incident at the hospital.  What would you do if you were OP? 

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