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12 People Share the Exact Moment They Knew Their Marriage Was Over

Rita Kumar
Feb 17, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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Husbands on Reddit revealed the precise moment they realized their marriage was not working out and was over in their heartbreaking confessions.


Married men on Reddit opened up about the painful moment they realized their marriage was bound to end. Some of their stories ranged from the most ludicrous (after the wife staged a domestic abuse in front of the cops) to the utterly soul-crushing.

The revelations sparked when a brave man with the username Slayer_of_Gingers asked fellow men on the internet what moment with their former wife set the alarm bells ringing for divorce.

Since then, the post had amassed more than 29K upvotes and over 16K comments from husbands sharing their plight and condolences on what was undoubtedly one of the most painful moments of their lives.


Men shared the exact moment they knew their marriage was over | Source: Shutterstock

When Self-Obsession Gets in the Way

In the post’s most upvoted comment, user henrysmyagent said he already knew what would soon cost him his marriage. Besides his wife’s self-obsession and violent outbursts, he claimed that she’d often punish him, and “the last one doomed her.”


“I forgot milk on the way home from work, so she didn’t talk to me, not one word, for a week,” he recounted.

When she asked him if he was ready to apologize a week later, he instead showed her divorce papers citing, she “robbed him of solitude but never provided him with companionship.”

The guy knew his marriage was over when his wife punished him for forgetting to buy milk | Source: Pexels


Disagreements vs. Demands

In his response to the question, Redditor NightEmber79 shared a brief narrative of how he realized his marriage was bombed when his wife said, “Buy me a new house, or we’re done.”

The problem in his household started when his wife told him she would no longer live in his house as it was not in a major city.

“We’re less than an hour away from one. Also, I inherited this house. It costs me nothing but upkeep...Where do you get off demanding anything?” he asked her.

But after she threatened to leave him, the guy not only asked her to get out of his house but also knew his marriage was headed towards a painful climax.


The wife threatened to leave her husband if he didn't buy her a new house | Source: Pexels

The Texts She Sent to Her Secret Boyfriend

Redditor AMMJ joined the league of men and recalled sensing his marriage had reached the dead-end after he accidentally read his wife’s texts on her phone. He explained:


“When I read her texts to another dude about how much fun she had [expletive] him, and how quickly they could marry once she was “free.” Got divorced 4 months later."

And as a spoiler alert, the husband said his wife and her newbie boyfriend broke up when he refused to leave his wife for her.

The man's marriage was on the rocks after reading his wife's texts to her boyfriend | Source: Unsplash


Husband Behind Bars 

User lesters_sock_puppet shared his unique plight about the time when he realized his wife would go to any extent to get rid of him, and this time, she’d called the cops on him. Posting to the thread, he explained:

“When the cops showed up and arrested me while I was washing dishes. Found out after being taken to the station that she had claimed that I had been beating on her and my five-year-old son.”

The husband’s plight was so messed up that the police officers were roped in to testify on his behalf and the case was eventually absolved.


The man realized his wife would go to any extent to get rid of him after she got him arrested | Source: Pexels

It’s Because of the Kids 

As more husbands flocked to the thread to share the reasons that bombed their marriage, user rode_the_short_buss said his “end of the marriage story” sparked when his wife told the unthinkable about their baby planning.


“When we were discussing trying for a baby, and she hit me with “for a while, I thought I didn’t want kids, but I’ve realized I just don’t want kids with you,” he recounted.

In the meantime, Redditor CarterLawler could think of nothing else but divorce when his wife seeded a little nasty truth about her infidelity while discussing their son’s illness.

“When she said, “You didn’t pray hard enough, and that’s why our son has cancer. That’s why I’m sleeping with my prayer partner,” he revealed.

These men realized their marriage had ended when children were added to the equation | Source: Unsplash


On Christmas & Thanksgiving 

Festivities are supposed to be fun with plenty of love exchanges, and that’s probably what Redditor mwr885 mistakenly assumed when he called his wife on Christmas only to realize his marriage was dying.

“I was on deployment, and she yelled at me for interrupting her family’s celebration when I called on Christmas,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Redditor stupidlyugly said he knew he was done when his beloved wife tossed the Thanksgiving turkey he made into the trash can.

“We were already not speaking...I had the turkey out on the counter to rest after roasting. My beloved bride walked in, calmly threw the turkey in the kitchen trash can, and walked out,” he explained.


The husband claimed he was done with his wife when she threw his Thanksgiving turkey in the trashcan | Source: Pexels

Breadwinners Aren’t Allowed to Spend Money

While several husbands confessed the gruesome backstory of their failed marriage, Redditor bigterry raced to the thread and revealed he had to say yes to divorce when he discovered his wife’s little secret about her so-called dog breeding hobby. 


“When I, as the only earner in the house, was denied buying a new pair of work boots- in December- because she needed the money to “buy vaccines for the puppies,” he explained.

The user eventually divorced his wife after discovering she was actually using all his money for popping pills.

The guy divorced his wife after finding out she'd blown his money at popping pills | Source: Pexels


The Dramatic Liar in a Partner 

As more and more husbands came up with their realistic and incredible broken marriage stories, user tomatuvm claimed he sensed the pothole ahead of his marriage when his wife falsely told their marriage counselor that he’d punched her.

“The next week, she denied saying it and accused our counselor of lying. He gave me a “You should leave this relationship” look,” he said, adding:

“I took that look as permission from a professional that I definitely wasn’t making the wrong decision. Got divorced and never looked back.”

The husband sensed the bumps in his marriage when his wife fabricated a lie about domestic abuse | Source: Pexels


Even When Knowing Your Wife’s Mood Doesn’t Help 

As a twist of fate, Redditor aanr was one of those husbands who would make an added effort to thoroughly interpret his wife’s mood before making the next move.

However, the same efforts made him realize his marriage was nothing short of running into a dead-end soon.

“When I realized that for months, I had been trying to guess what mood she’d be in when I got home from work so I could enter the house ‘appropriately’ and not make her any angrier than she’d already be,” he recounted.

Although the husband tried to predict his wife's mood, he soon saw the dead end in his marriage | Source: Pexels


Unsurprisingly, these affairs kickstarted the end of many “happily but NOT EVER AFTER” marriages. Although arguments occur in probably even the happiest and sturdiest households, how would you distinguish those minor tiffs from potentially harmful marriage-breaking episodes?

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