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Is Kristin Kreuk Dating Someone? Inside the 'Reacher' Star's Personal Life

Edduin Carvajal
Feb 16, 2022
12:40 P.M.

Kristin Kreuk joined the cast of the upcoming "Jack Reacher" TV series, but her past is quite controversial, primarily because of her involvement in the cult NXIVM.


Making it big in the entertainment industry is not easy, and some aspiring actors do everything in their power to get to Hollywood. A few, like Kristin Kreuk, get involved in seemingly promising self-help groups that end up being a scam.

For a few years, Kreuk was part of NXIVM, a program that authorities investigated in 2017 and discovered connections to sex trafficking. Read on to learn details about Kreuk's career and love life.

Kristin Kreuk in May 2015 in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Kristin Kreuk in May 2015 in New York City | Source: Getty Images


Born in December 1982, Kreuk grew up with her landscape architect parents, Deanna (with Chinese ancestry) and Peter (of Dutch descent), in British Columbia, Canada.


She was "shy and boring" at Eric Hamber Secondary School during her teenage years. Although she liked acting, she only got involved in a few school stage productions.

Kristin Kreuk on June 10, 2019 in Banff, Canada | Source: Getty Images

Kristin Kreuk on June 10, 2019 in Banff, Canada | Source: Getty Images

Kreuk made her acting debut in 2000's "Edgemont," a teen drama series. Her career skyrocketed one year later when she began portraying Lana Lang, Clark Kent/Superman's initial love interest, in "Smallville."

Like many other celebrities, Kreuk understandably prefers to keep the details of her love life away from the spotlight. The Canadian actress is so private that only one of her previous relationships has made headlines.

In 2004, Kreuk began dating fellow actor Mark Hildreth. He was born in January 1978 in British Columbia, Canada, and received the Jessie Richardson Theatre Award for Best Actor after graduating from the National Theatre School of Canada.

Kristin Kreuk and Mark Hildreth on May 10, 2006 in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

Kristin Kreuk and Mark Hildreth on May 10, 2006 in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

While Hildreth is best known for his roles in "Resurrection," "American Pastoral," and "End of the World," he is also a singer-songwriter with two released albums.

Kreuk and Hildreth's relationship attracted everyone's attention because of their involvement with NXIVM, an American cult that engaged in women trafficking, forced labor, and racketeering.

When authorities investigated NXIVM, Kreuk opened up about her involvement in the cult.

Kristin Kruek on May 14, 2002 in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Kristin Kruek on May 14, 2002 in New York City | Source: Getty Images



Based in New York, NXIVM was founded by Keith Raniere as a multi-level marketing company that supposedly offered mentorship programs for women wishing to be strong.

One of the most vocal victims was an aspiring actress identified as Nicole. She asked her friend and acting teacher Allison Mack, Kreuk's "Smallville" co-star, for help during the most fragile point of her life.

Nicole confessed in court that she was lonely, depressed, and "seriously" considered suicide. When Mack told Nicole that NXIVM would improve her situation, she believed her.


The aspiring actress trusted Mack mainly because she was her teacher at "The Source," an acting course. Nicole wanted to have a similar career but was unfortunately forced to do unexpected things, like seducing Raniere and performing other sexual activities.

Nicole didn't know it at the time, but she became a victim of DOS, the female sex cult within NXIVM led by Raniere. Nicole revealed that Hildreth, her ex-boyfriend, first introduced her to the Source.

Hildreth described it as an "acting-cum-psychology” course part of a more significant program supposed to make her a better person. The Source was also offered to aspiring actors to become credentialed teachers, so Nicole believed it was an excellent way to make extra money.


One of Nicole's tasks was to recruit other women for DOS, but when she sensed something was "off" about it and told Mack she wanted to leave, Mack told her the group was a "lifetime commitment."

The fact that Nicole provided "collateral" – sexual videos and letters that would forever damage her career and life – prevented her from just ghosting the organization.

In late spring 2017, after Frank Parlato's reports about the group went viral, Nicole gathered the courage to leave DOS. In March and April 2018, Raniere and Mack were arrested on sex trafficking charges.



In 2018, when authorities investigated NXIVM, Kreuk opened up about her involvement in the cult. The actress said she was part of the group at 23 and left at 31.

Kreuk took the "executive Success Programs" because she believed it was a "self-help/personal growth course." She continued with NXIVM to overcome her shyness.

"I thought that [India] might benefit from some leadership skills."


According to the Daily Mail, Kreuk allegedly recruited Mack for Raniere's cult. Parlato pointed out that the organization used Kreuk as one of the leading recruiters.

However, Kreuk labeled the accusations of being part of the "inner circle" (DOS) and recruiting other women as "blatantly false" because she never experienced any "illegal or nefarious activity." Kreuk added:

"I am horrified and disgusted by what has come out about DOS. Thank you to all of the brave women who have come forward to share their stories and expose DOS."


Kreuk admitted being embarrassed for her previous association with the group and hoped the authorities could provide justice to all the victims.

After releasing the statement about her involvement in the group, Kreuk stopped talking about it. Her publicists even pre-screened reporters so that nobody would ask about that part of her life.


The list of high-profile actors recruited by NXIVM is long. It includes "Smallville" star Callum Blue, "Dynasty" actress Catherine Oxenberg, "Hawaii Five-0" Grace Park, and "Salvation" actress Sarah Edmondson.

In Oxenberg's case, she quickly left the group, but she couldn't save her daughter, India. Oxenberg confessed she introduced NXIVM to India when she was 19 years old to help her journey into adulthood. She said:

"I thought that [India] might benefit from some leadership skills because she was going into the business world."


Nowadays, Kreuk's involvement with the sex cult is water under the bridge. She will join forces with her former "Smallville" co-star Alan Ritchson in Amazon Prime's "Jack Reacher" series.

She will portray Charlie, a former debutante living the country club life with Marc Bendavid's character, Hubble. Kreuk's love life is unclear, but everything suggests she is not dating anyone. Her fans cannot wait to see her in the upcoming "Jack Reacher" series!

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Other international suicide helplines can be found at befrienders.org.

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