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Mom Fosters Little Girl, Gets a Call about Her Sister Few Weeks Later: 'They Deserve Love'

Stephen Thompson
Feb 21, 2022
03:00 A.M.

In September 2020, a woman identified as Kim Lacefield warmed the hearts of social media users with her thoughtfulness after accepting to adopt two sisters after fostering them for years.


Before being a foster mom, Kim Lacefield had been married for twelve years. She was also blessed with three children, but the thought of other kids who needed love and care gave the woman sleepless nights.

So, Lacefield began to think of fostering and adoption and wrote her prayers in a journal. No sooner had she started journaling her prayers, asking God if she should foster or adopt from around town or abroad, she received a call that would change her life forever.

Kim Lacefield together with her husband and the two adopted sisters in a group photo [left] The two sister hugging themselves and smiling [right]. | Source: instagram.com/kimlacefield_   facebook.com/natalie.roy.585

Kim Lacefield together with her husband and the two adopted sisters in a group photo [left] The two sister hugging themselves and smiling [right]. | Source: instagram.com/kimlacefield_ facebook.com/natalie.roy.585



Lacefield first got a call from the police station, saying her "godchildren" needed a home, but the woman was confused as she did not know who they were. Later, Lacefield found out that the kids were from a lady who attended their church where her husband once pastored.

So, she agreed to take in the three children, ages ten, eight, and six, who had nothing other than the clothes they wore. But the following day, the two older brothers went to stay with their biological dad. Then, she lived with the youngest for a year.

Eventually, his dad got out of prison, and Lacefield thought it was right to hand the child over to his father. As Lacefield got ready to let go of the sweet little boy, she got a call to take in a five-year-old girl. She agreed, but the little girl was a bit of a challenge.



Recalling the experience, Lacefield said the girl could not communicate her feelings properly. Also, the girl had head and body lice and would not allow Lacefield to treat them. When it came to academics, the little girl struggled.

The teachers noted how she lagged in class, but Lacefield did not give up. Instead, she worked with the school to plan to get the girl back on track. By the end of the first year, the five-year-old made significant progress.



Two weeks after taking in the little girl, Lacefield got a call to foster her two-year-old sister. Unfortunately, just like her big sister, the younger girl was not in good condition. She had a broken arm and big skin sores, but Lacefield was determined to love her.

The following year, the girls' birth mom signed her rights over to Lacefield to take care of her kids, but their dad, who was in jail, fought to keep his rights. It lasted for three years before Lacefield won the battle.



Eventually, Lacefield decided to adopt the girls, and she began to process legal adoption papers. In the end, the woman received a call that the sisters were cleared for adoption. Lacefield said the younger one asked for the adoption on her seventh birthday the following week.

Hopefully, Lacefield and her adoptive daughters will spend a beautiful time together in love. Her advice to people who believed they could not do what she did or get too attached was:

"That's what the kids need. If you don't get attached, then you are doing it wrong. Kids deserve love. It is better for me to hurt them than them to keep being hurt."



In another story, Lacey Dunkin made headlines in 2013 when she adopted six sisters. The woman had always wished for a child, and being a foster mom came to her mind first.

So, in her twenties, she contacted Aspiranet, a family-services agency. Dunkin received a call despite being single, noting that four sisters were available for foster care. Without hesitation, she jumped at the opportunity.

Later on, Dunkin discovered that the girls had a baby sister who was newly born. Nine months later, the girls reunited with their biological mom. At the time, the woman said it was difficult to accept her daughters and take care of them.


So, she asked Dunkin to take them in, and the latter gladly accepted. By July 2013, Dunkin adopted the five girls. Two months later, the girls' biological mother welcomed another daughter, Cecily.

Surprisingly, Cecily began staying with Dunkin and was eventually adopted. Dunkin said foster children were not wrong or broken; according to her, children are resilient and need a loving home.

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