Adopted Black Kid Puts a Boy in His Place When Asked Why He Looks Different from His Parents

Lois Oladejo
Feb 27, 2022
10:20 P.M.
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An adopted black boy had the most beautiful answer when another child asked him why he had a different skin color from his parents. Continue reading to find out what the boy's response was.


Adoption leads to many beautiful stories and the creation of unique and loving families, as is seen in this lovely story of a man, his wife, and their three adopted kids. 

Jessica Scatterfield had always dreamed of being a mother since she was younger. However, her dreams did not come to pass as she struggled to conceive. 

Jessica Scatterfield and her husband with their three adopted children in a photo[left]; Jessica Scatterfield carrying her foster son on her shoulder with a big smile on their faces [right] | Source:



Amid the heartbreak of having no child, she moved closer to God and was convinced to adopt. Thus, she and her husband began the necessary process for adoption. 

They watched the first child they adopted, a girl, being born. During their daughter's birth, a nurse asked who should wear the mommy bracelet, and the birth mom said

"Jessica. She's her mommy."


After saying those words, she placed the bracelet around Jessica's wrist and handed her daughter to Jessica. After 16 months, Jessica and her husband adopted a son the same way they adopted their first daughter. However, their third child, a son, came to them differently. 

They never wanted to be foster parents but were moved to become one after hearing the story of a boy. Jessica and her husband are now parents of three adopted children with different skin colors. Their children are dark-skinned while they are white. 

Although she still hopes to feel what being pregnant is like and have her own kids, Jessica is grateful for her three adopted kids and even forgets they were adopted. 



Whenever Jessica and her husband step out with their children, they get stares and wondrous faces. Some people see them as a beautiful family. 

For example, a man once walked up to them, shook her husband's hand, and confessed that they are a beautiful family. The man had tears in his eyes as he said those words before walking away.


Jessica watched him walk out the restaurant's door they were in and cried. But then, she understood that she and her husband do not match with their kids on the outside. 

However, they were the same as a family and had certain similarities and beautiful differences. Jessica explained

"Love is celebrating diversity, honoring our differences, and respecting our uniqueness. Oh how others miss out on such greatness when they pretend we all match skin."


She also said her family celebrates diversity, and it has become part of their culture and will always be. One way of celebrating diversity is by creating a safe space for their kids to ask questions and keep an open and ongoing dialog about different things that make them the same. 


The culture Jessica and her husband created is now duly instilled in their kids despite their young ages and was evident one time they went to the park. At the time, their foster son had only been with them for a few weeks.


He was climbing on a jungle gym with another little boy when the latter asked him why he was brown, and his mom was white. Jessica's foster son replied:

"Families don't have to match to be a family. What makes a family is their love."


Jessica's eyes filled with tears and her heart almost exploded following her foster son's reply. She was so proud of him. She said she does not always notice the differences between her and her kids when she looks at them. Instead, she sees her children, who she waited on for so long, prayed for, and dreamed about. 

Occasionally, Jessica remembers her family's story when she glances in the mirror and gets reminded of how much she loves them. Her family does not match the world, but she, her husband, and their kids know they match hearts.