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Girl Notices Old Picture of Mom with Unknown Newborn Baby Sticking Out of Mom’s Purse

Rita Kumar
Mar 07, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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Two years after her mother started acting weird, a woman accidentally dropped her mom's handbag, spilling items on the floor. As she scooped them up, she discovered a painful secret.


After knocking over her mom's handbag, a 20-year-old woman accidentally discovered a bagful of startling secrets. The truth she brought to light later made her father burst into tears…something she'd never seen him do before.

Redditor siennanomama turned to Reddit's "Relationship Advice" forum to share a disturbing family secret that her mom and grandma by no chance wanted her to tell anyone. They even tried bribing her with extravagant shopping trips and money to bury the truth. However, she paid no heed.   

OP saw an old picture of her mom with an unknown newborn baby sticking out of her mom's wallet | Source: Shutterstock


They say some secrets are best taken to the grave. But when the Original Poster (OP) discovered an unsettling secret in her mom's handbag, she decided not to keep quiet. Unfortunately, she ended up shattering a once-happy family to pieces after disclosing its contents.

OP first shared that her mother visited her grandma two years ago halfway across the country to take care of her. Since her grandma had cancer, OP's mom rushed to help her through her difficult days. Meanwhile, OP, her twin brother Eddie, and their dad stayed back due to their tight schedule.

When her mom returned home six months later, she seemed lost and upset. OP thought it was strange, precisely when the woman exhibited a sudden outburst of love on her and Eddie. OP initially assumed her mom had missed them.


The daughter had no idea why her mother had an outburst of affection for her & Eddie after returning home. | Source: Pexels

Two years later, OP visited her home, and while doing some chores, she accidentally tipped over her mom's handbag. As she scooped the scattered items, she picked up a wallet that had a picture of her mom with a newborn baby sticking out.


The daughter was shattered and couldn't believe how her grandma knew everything and covered for her mother.

OP initially thought the baby in the photo was her or one of her siblings, Eddie, Ruben (24), her mom's first child from a former relationship, or Grace (23), her dad's daughter from a previous relationship. But since it was dated from when her mom visited her grandma two years ago, something about the picture didn't add up to OP.

OP found a picture of her mom with a newborn baby. | Source: Pexels


Her mom vaguely brushed off the topic when she brought it up to her. However, OP was hell-bent on knowing why her mom was lying with a newborn baby in a hospital bed and threatened to notify her dad if she still insisted on hiding the truth.

OP couldn't understand why her mom burst into tears on the spot. Moments later, the woman confessed a nerve-wracking truth — she had an affair with a man nearly half her age.

As it turned out, OP's mom met her Affair Partner (AP) in 2018, fell pregnant in 2019, and birthed a child in 2020 under the pretext of visiting her mom across the country.

The daughter was shattered and couldn't believe how her grandma knew everything and covered for her mother. She never had cancer and lied about her treatment so that OP's mom could stay with her AP while carrying her pregnancy to term. However, the worst part struck when the mother revealed her AP's identity.


OP's mother had an affair with a man younger than her. | Source: Unsplash

The guy was 24 when the baby was born and had two kids already. Shockingly enough, he was a family friend's son who OP had often seen hanging around town with her baby brother. The truth couldn't have gotten any uglier for OP as she wrestled between exposing it to her dad and keeping it to herself.


Confused about whether her mom still cherished her affair with AP, OP asked random strangers on Reddit for advice about taking things forward. Unsurprisingly, the commenters urged OP to tell her father the truth without further delay.

The daughter was shocked, realizing she'd often see her mom's boyfriend in town with her baby brother. | Source: Pexels


"Tell your father. It will destroy your parents' marriage but don't you betray him too," Redditor OffusMax asserted, adding:

"And you aren't damaging your family. Your mom did that by having an affair with a 24-year-old and having a child with him, then living with him while having his kid."

User Lon_Dep_Man agreed likewise, stating, "Tell your dad, now. He deserves to know…your mom has just destroyed many people's lives with what she has done."

After rummaging through the insightful responses, OP went up to her dad, told him the truth, and was staggered by his reaction. The dad refused to believe it until OP showed him the picture and a few text messages she'd received from her mom and grandma.


People online warned OP that the truth would destroy her parents' marriage. | Source: Unsplash

He broke down miserably and proceeded to file for divorce. Meanwhile, OP's mother moved in with her grandma after the family disowned her.


"I wish I could just go back to not knowing about any of this. I don't think my family will ever recover," OP lamented.

Although OP's mom constantly blamed her for ruining the family, she demanded OP talk to her as she didn't want to lose more of her children. However, only time will tell how OP has navigated through the damage.

Unable to process the heartbreak, OP's dad decided to end his marriage with his wife. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Is it okay when elders cover up their children's lies despite weighing the negative impact?

OP's grandma knew about her daughter's extramarital affair, but she still wanted to wrap it up for her daughter's sake. OP said she couldn't believe her grandma would cover for her mom's affair over a make-believe cancer diagnosis. Should you be compelled to cover a life-changing lie for your child, would you do it?

Placing yourself in the father's shoes, how would you have reacted to the situation?

OP asserted she'd never seen her dad cry like how he did after she revealed her mom's affair and baby to him. He was shattered, and although he initiated legal proceedings for a divorce, only time will tell how far they've navigated through the painful ordeal. How would you deal with the situation if you were the dad, particularly after discovering your partner has cheated on you?

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