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Mom Dies Just after Delivering Twins, Grieving Dad Says 'I Know God Has a Plan'

Dayna Remus
Mar 10, 2022
01:00 P.M.

One couple's supposed best day of their lives ended in loss and devastation. But, Diego Rodrigues wasn't going to allow this calamity to define him and his family's lives -- desperately looking to his faith for comfort.


Our families mean the world to most of us; many are prepared to sacrifice themselves to protect them. But, sometimes, no matter what we do or how hard we try, life's plans for those we love take their own tragic course.

Diego Rodrigues from Sao Paulo, Brazil, was ready to do anything for his wife and unborn twins. However, his efforts were in vain.

[Left] Diego Rodrigues holding his baby twins Guilherme and Gustavo; [Right] Diego Rodrigues kissing his wife Larissa Blanco's pregnant belly. ┃Source:facebook.com/Diego Rodrigues

[Left] Diego Rodrigues holding his baby twins Guilherme and Gustavo; [Right] Diego Rodrigues kissing his wife Larissa Blanco's pregnant belly. ┃Source:facebook.com/Diego Rodrigues



Twenty-four-year-old Larissa Blanco wanted to become a mother more than anything in the world. Now she was not only pregnant with one but two babies. On June 27, 2020, when she gave birth to her first twin, Rodrigues recollected:

"She saw that wonderful little face, and I was really emotional; that was her dream."

As magical as the day was, sadly, because Blanco had contracted COVID-19, it ended in a way that no one could have imagined.



After bringing both angels into this world, the mom passed away due to a hemorrhage and cardiac arrest. Nevertheless, the dad, somehow managing to see some rays of light in a dire situation, expressed:

"I am distraught. I can't get her out of my head, but I know God has a plan for our lives."

Rodrigues' faith, as well as his undying love for his babies Guilherme and Gustavo, have helped him move through the darkest of times -- therefore, living up to the father figure that his late wife may have envisioned him as.



COVID-19 did and, in some cases, still does continue to bring nothing but heartbreak to families all over the globe.

Another woman, Nicole Bendickson from Wisconsin, died around two weeks after giving birth to twins in December 2021. Many suspected that she had passed away from the virus as well.


This suspicion stemmed from the fact that her babies and her husband all had COVID-19. Either way, just as Rodrigues did, these relatives remained positive. Bendickson's sister-in-law Gina Schofell emphasized the power of their loving family.



The passing of these two mothers is devastating, and we should treat these tragedies with respect. Simultaneously, we need to recognize stories of hope within similar contexts.

One woman served as an example when doctors told her husband she wouldn't survive after giving birth, yet she did.

In July 2020, misfortune struck the expectant mother, Cristina Rosiwas, as she was rushed to the hospital. Her life was on the line, and presumably, her baby's too.


The little one was born and survived, but the new mother was not as lucky, suffering from a heart attack and ending up in a coma.

She remained unconscious for ten months when miraculously, she woke up. Upon opening her eyes, Rosiwas' first words were "mama."

Lovingly placing their hands on their pregnant bellies, many expectant moms around the world would do anything for their unborn babies -- no matter what virus, bleeding, or heart attack may try to get in the way.

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