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Woman with Not Enough Money to Eat Checks Bank Account and Suspects Rich Mother of Stealing Her Money

Rita Kumar
Mar 18, 2022
03:20 A.M.
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The woman moved to Seattle and was left alone to fend for herself. She frequently starved and worked hard to save money to buy her dream house but was left jolted when she checked her savings account.


Parents are often the ones walking the extra mile to support their children. But if they turned the table and demanded you to reimburse them for raising you...would you do it?

A 33-year-old woman posting under RockStarkey1 on Reddit's "Raised by Narcissists" forum brought one such predicament to light. Her time with her wealthy parents was filled with neglect and emotional abuse, but it was the last straw when she found they'd go to any extent to see her as a failure.

When OP moved to Seattle to launch her career, she didn't have enough money to afford food. | Source: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP) was done with years of rejection, gaslighting, and all things sour from her parents. She put herself through middle school and finally moved from Michigan to Seattle at the end of 2018. To her horror, her miseries only worsened as she was left alone to fend for herself.

OP's first year in Seattle was nightmarish. She recounted not having enough money to afford food. She starved frequently but was determined not to look back. Eventually, her hard work paid off well when she landed a job in tech. But as time ticked by, OP's friction with her parents worsened.

She never spoke to her mom in two years, and her relationship with her dad unsurprisingly faltered. After deep thought, she decided to permanently part ways with her parents. However, OP forgot that her mom still had access to the savings account she'd opened in college.


OP decided to part ways with her parents but forgot that her mom still had access to her savings account. | Source: Pexels

OP's mom used to transfer money to her account to help her with books only when she felt OP obliged her desires. But as soon as OP revealed she was ending their relationship, her parents transferred $10K from her account into theirs as reimbursement for raising her. This was the first bit of money OP made after busting her chops in tech.


The person said they would outright disown their parents if they'd ever steal their hard-earned money.

The Redditor was extremely troubled as she recounted, "Why didn't I even remember? Why didn't I even think about this? But who would think their parents would steal from them?"

To OP's horror, her parents were proud and openly admitted to robbing her money directly from her account. Adding insult to injury, OP's mom even boasted she would swindle another $10K from her account, leaving OP fuming and compelled to take immediate action.

OP's parents swindled her hard-earned $10K which was the first lumpsum she made in tech. | Source: Pexels


She transferred all her money to avoid further loss and hired a lawyer. But all of her efforts proved futile, particularly after her mom lashed out at the lawyer for summoning her to repay OP.

Even the local police officer who turned out to be OP's childhood friend told her she couldn't press charges since her mom's name on the savings made OP's a joint account. However, OP's lawyer assured her they could still win the suit if OP proved her parents stole the money.

OP was pretty relieved since she had the bank records, transaction history, and texts from her parents as evidence. She decided to face her parents in court and prove they couldn't do whatever they wanted without legal fallout. Unsurprisingly, her decision amassed massive support from random strangers online.


Since OP had enough evidence to prove her parents stole her money, she decided to move things to court. | Source: Unsplash

After reading OP's post, people on Reddit backed her up, saying she needed to fight for the justice she deserved. Redditor dontCallMeAmberlynn stated:


"Honestly, you must have turned out a decent person after being raised by narcs if you didn't even consider they'd steal your money. Cause exactly... WHO STEALS FROM THEIR KIDS???"

"It is ILLEGAL for a parent to demand payment for essentials of life for a child, but it's worse to STEAL it from that child and then brag about it," user messedupbeyondbelief propounded. The person added they would outright disown their parents if they'd ever steal their hard-earned money.

People on Reddit claimed it illegal for a parent to demand reimbursement from their child. | Source: Pexels


In the end, OP decided to drag her plight to court and fight for the money her parents owed her. "I will make 10K next month and the month after that. It's not the money, but now it's the principle," she conclusively asserted.

Later, when a person posting under ilikemyface3 on Reddit's "Ask Women" forum questioned people about the most brutal backstab they'd received, OP raced to the thread to brief the outcome of the legal repercussions.

"I sued. They wrote a check when they realized they'd have to pay 3xs what they stole in treble damages," OP revealed.

Following the traumatic episode, she married her longtime boyfriend, changed her phone number, and cut off her parents from her life permanently.


In the end, OP sued her parents, cut them off from her life & married her longtime boyfriend. | Source: Pexels

Questions to Ponder:

Would you forgive your parents/family for blowing your hard-earned savings without your knowledge?


As soon as OP found out her parents transferred $10K from her account and bragged about taking another $10K to spite her, she immediately moved her money and eventually sued them for it. At the end of the lengthy legal tussle, OP's parents repaid her when they realized they'd have to pay thrice than what they swindled from her in treble damages. Would you sue your parents/family for stealing your money, or would you let it slide?

What would you do if your parents demanded you repay them for raising you?

OP said her parents defended their actions, saying they got the $10K from her account as reimbursement for her upbringing. In OP's opinion, her parents wanted her to fail after she moved away from them, but she flourished, leaving them frustrated. Do you think parents should be reimbursed for raising their children? Would you demand the same from your child should they cut you off from their lives?

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